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Tom3's Avatar Tom3 08:54 AM 02-14-2005
Capable of true 1080p, fast response for gamers...sounds really nice!

Dell Broadens Flat Panel Display Portfolio with New, 24-Inch Wide-Screen Monitor

ROUND ROCK, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 14, 2005--Dell (NASDAQ:DELL), the worldwide leader in LCD monitor shipments(a), is giving customers an expanded multimedia experience with the introduction of its largest and most fully-featured flat panel display.

The UltraSharp(TM) 2405FPW will be on sale for $1,199 in the Americas and Europe on March 1, 2005. The wide-screen monitor is ideal for graphics professionals, computing enthusiasts and gamers. The native resolution of 1920x1200(b) helps ensure detailed images are crisp and clear and typical response times of 12ms(c) mean fast-moving content is displayed with minimal distortion.

The 24-inch display makes it easier and more affordable for customers to multitask by viewing spreadsheets and blueprints in their full sizes and positioning multiple applications or Web pages next to each other without losing content. It also reduces the need to scroll within large documents and toggle between application windows.

The 2405FPW includes a 9-in-1 memory card reader on the side of the panel for a convenient way to download files and photos. Four USB 2.0 ports make it easy to attach devices such as keyboards, secondary hard drives and printers without having to crawl under a desk to search for inputs on a computer system.

With S-Video, composite and component inputs, the 2405FPW can be hooked up to a video camera, gaming console, DVD player or cable box. Picture-in-picture (PIP) and picture-by-picture (PBP) modes(d), which can be enabled with the touch of a button, allow users to watch content from a video input and view their PC simultaneously, on a single display.

The 2405FPW features a height-adjustable stand, allowing the panel to swivel, tilt and pivot into portrait orientation. Its optional sound bar, which attaches to the bottom of the panel, is as space-saving as it is powerful, delivering 14 watts of audio output.

Technical specifications of the Dell UltraSharp 2405FPW include:
-- Native Resolution: 1920 x 1200 (WUXGA+) @ 60Hz(b)
-- Response Time (typical): 12ms grey-to-grey(c), 16ms
-- Contrast Ratio: 1,000:1
-- Brightness (typical): 500 nits
-- Aspect Ratio: 16:10
-- Number of Colors: 16.7 Million
-- Horizontal/Vertical Viewing Angle (typical): +/-89 degrees
-- Lift distance: 3.5 inches
-- Tilt angle: -5 to +20 degrees
-- Swivel: 90 degrees (45 degrees left and right)
-- Memory Card Formats Supported: CompactFlash I/II, Secure
Digital (SD), Mini SD, MultiMedia Card, SmartMedia, Memory
Stick, Memory Stick Pro, IBM Microdrive
-- Inputs: Analog (VGA)/Digital
-- Dimensions (HxWxD): 21.5" x 22.0" x 9.0"
-- Weight: 29.1 lb.

The Dell UltraSharp 2405FPW is available today in parts of Asia and will be available on March 1, 2005 in the Americas and Europe. Additional information and specifications can also be found on March 1 at Hi-resolution images are located at

(c) 12ms (typical) is based on grey to grey response, typical of fast motion video used in gaming and DVD movies.

(d) The P/P (PIP, PBP) feature supports viewing of two content sources simultaneously, where PC Input is the primary source and any of the AV Inputs is the secondary source.

(e) To use the UltraSharp Flat Panel Monitor DVI input, accompanying system must either be configured with a video card with DVI support or a DVI add-in card.
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sethwas's Avatar sethwas 10:04 AM 02-14-2005
Says nothing about hooking up TV because it has no stretch modes.
Meaning, if you have an AVR for audio and a STB and DVD player, you'd want this screen, or the 20" version, for a bedroom TV. But how do you watch non-native content?

Tom3's Avatar Tom3 10:05 AM 02-14-2005
Review at:,00.asp

DVI input does not support HDCP content protection, so you can't use it with HDTV sources that require HDCP...could be a problem.

btw, stretch can be handled by computer, since this is primarily a computer display, not a TV.
sethwas's Avatar sethwas 10:11 AM 02-14-2005
No HDCP means not for use as anything but a PC monitor.

rogo's Avatar rogo 12:02 PM 02-14-2005
.... although it does have component input, so it could be used as an HDTV display in a pinch.

I want one for use with the computer.
cdcooker's Avatar cdcooker 02:54 PM 02-14-2005
They introduced 20" widescreen late last year, to get all the holiday shoppers hooked. Now the 24". Will a 30" LCD computer monitor the next from Dell? If desktop space is not an issue, the bigger the better.

With the all kinds of dell coupons, this 24" will sell for arond $850 very soon.
rogo's Avatar rogo 06:38 PM 02-14-2005
That's what I was thinkin' cooker --> sub $900 would be sweet.

Anyone want a lightly used 20-inch Dell for cheap. :)
exNSX's Avatar exNSX 06:41 PM 02-14-2005
That's a pretty high contrast ratio they're claiming.
JuiceRocket's Avatar JuiceRocket 02:09 PM 02-18-2005
Has there been any more information released on this? My 21" CRT is starting to go, and this Dell is looking like a great replacement. :)

rogo's Avatar rogo 02:57 PM 02-18-2005
Looks like it'll be shipping in a just a couple of weeks.
cdcooker's Avatar cdcooker 09:59 PM 02-25-2005
Details specs and pictures of this new LCD is already on Dell support web site.
markrubin's Avatar markrubin 09:50 AM 02-28-2005
any more info on the new 2405 fpw?

Dell told my buyer these are not available except bundled with workstations - 840 and xps

not sold separately :(
overtime's Avatar overtime 11:05 AM 02-28-2005
Where does the line start for this beast? :D

JuiceRocket's Avatar JuiceRocket 11:48 AM 02-28-2005
I don't see a way to order this unit with or without a bundled deal. I can't find any reference to it on the Dell site.

overtime's Avatar overtime 12:11 PM 02-28-2005
JuiceRocket's Avatar JuiceRocket 01:08 PM 02-28-2005
Thanks OT!

rogo's Avatar rogo 03:10 PM 02-28-2005
It will soon be available undunbled. It is common for Dell to bundle first on lower-quantity items.
zeroendless's Avatar zeroendless 11:21 AM 03-01-2005
Spec is looking very good but i see the OSD is smiliar to my twin 2005. SCARY. The 2005 has major issue with control panel circuit, most of them never worked.

I have tried 5 or 6 2005 and kept 2 of them eventhough all the control got issues in addition to LCD backlighting, but i do want the new dell 24" for PC and component in for hdtv. Price is too good.

It would be a real deal for me if i could used the component in for 720p/1080i with total video adjustments. The spec doesn't mention anything about component signal, please report back if your guys got one of them baby tested.

Diode1's Avatar Diode1 11:34 AM 03-01-2005
JuiceRocket's Avatar JuiceRocket 11:40 AM 03-01-2005
Thanks Diode! Now who will be the guinea pig and buy this first? :D

markrubin's Avatar markrubin 11:41 AM 03-01-2005
Originally posted by JuiceRocket
Thanks Diode! Now who will be the guinea pig and buy this first? :D

ME :)

just ordered it!
Axel Olmos's Avatar Axel Olmos 01:10 PM 03-01-2005
Is your estimated ship date 3/23?

PhoenixScreen's Avatar PhoenixScreen 01:18 PM 03-01-2005
Is this baby going to require a dual-link capable video card to drive it with a DVI connection?

GrandMasterJ's Avatar GrandMasterJ 02:21 PM 03-01-2005
Do we know who manufacturers the panel?
JuiceRocket's Avatar JuiceRocket 02:51 PM 03-01-2005
Originally posted by markrubin
ME :)

just ordered it!
Excellent, I can't wait to hear your review. It'll be my push towards yay or nay for the unit. :)

What do you planned as usage? 70% workstation, 20% gaming, 10% movies?

iqwertyi's Avatar iqwertyi 03:03 PM 03-01-2005
My guess that it's a Samsung (which IMO isn't a bad thing at all).
kilmar's Avatar kilmar 03:42 PM 03-01-2005
Ordered one for $1079.10 free 2nd day (I called and begged the CSR and all he could do is give me free 2nd day shipping, cheap bastard!). Expecting it this Friday (ordered status says March 23rd, but I ordered enough from Dell to know it will ship tomorrow).

The display is Samsung:
JuiceRocket's Avatar JuiceRocket 03:50 PM 03-01-2005
Off-topic, but it's funny to see "burn-in mode" on a LCD. :)

I look forward to your review as well! :D

PhoenixScreen's Avatar PhoenixScreen 03:54 PM 03-01-2005
Whoa, quite a difference between the response time specs listed on the Samsung site ( less than 25ms) and that which Dell lists (less than 12ms).

I guess both could be true at the same time.....:rolleyes: .

Maybe Samsung's just more "conservative" in their data?

PhoenixScreen's Avatar PhoenixScreen 03:57 PM 03-01-2005
Now that I look closer, brightness (500 cd/m2 vs 270) and contrast ratio (1000:1 vs 700:1) vary significantly too.

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