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kharvel's Avatar kharvel 03:13 PM 03-06-2006
Regarding the mounting hardware, I am thinking of getting that Peerless mount. However, I am not sure if this mount will make the display look flush with the wall. Is there another mount out there that will make the display looks really flush with the wall to the extent that there is almost no gap between the back of the LCD and the wall? I want to take advantage of the thin profile of the Sceptre and make it as flush to the wall as possible.
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menexxus's Avatar menexxus 03:14 PM 03-06-2006
I figured since we all started buying our sets today I would start an official thread for this HDTV! Here is the link:
Woodrow's Avatar Woodrow 03:44 PM 03-06-2006
I'll go ahead and close this thread. The link to the new thread is up one post. Enjoy your new sets.:)

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