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Originally Posted by fafrd View Post
I didn't know thread was most appropriate for this, so I guess I'll post it here:

Just returned from my local Best Buy. Spoke to the manager and they have not sold a single 55EC9300 at the 'old' price of $3500 and they have only sold a single 55EC9300 since the drop to the 'sale' price of $3000.
You're in the bay area right? Down here in socal the situation is exactly the same. The stores I visit near work have a box sitting on the floor next to he TV. Those boxes have not moved since launch. One AVS member local to me bought one and then returned it to wait for the 4K 65" model. I also see no drop in their online store-pickup inventory for my area.

I think we've pretty much established that the MicroCenter and Fry's closeout prices of $2K on the EA9800 are the only way to move these TVs. We've already seen a $500 drop and I would not be shocked if they are at $2K by Black Friday.

Good news for potential shoppers. I also think they will introduce an equivalent to the flat European 55EA870v for an even lower price than the curved. It's a much simpler design that should be cheaper to produce without the stupid gallery frame.

$8.5K+ for the 65" is complete insanity and is basically just a paper launch. It probably means we won't see any reviews for many months. The first EA9800 owners here on AVS didn't show up until 6 months later when it hit ~$5K from the original $15K

Edit: You also have to consider that in the areas where the EA9800 is still available for less, it is probably killing sales of the EC9300. I expect sales will pick up somewhat once the older inventory is exhausted.
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Originally Posted by fafrd View Post
p.s. and once again, there were more customers clustered around the 55" 1080p Hisense costing less than 1/4 of the 55EC9300 on 'sale' (the two set's have been positioned on adjacent non-prime endcaps).
I don't doubt this at all. I'll ask at my local BB (Massachusetts) and see what he says.

I was really surprised at how the black levels of the EC9300 looked compared to the nearby LCD on that bright floor of theirs. They were very close. It's just not the place for it.

But as I had that thought at BB I quickly remembered that black levels aren't actually in the forefront of the public's consciousness anyway. It is here, but frankly, I don't think the average person looks for it or knows what it is. Besides, as a few of us have mentioned, when your iris is shrunk down to a pinhole, they all look great.

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From your article on Kateeva: "Kateeva expects customers to use its machines to build flexible displays that can be bent and even folded in half. The end result would be nearly unbreakable smartphones and possibly even devices that allow you to fold out an extra display when you need more workspace. The larger display could be seamless and nearly allow your phone to be transformed into a tablet and back again. Kateeva’s CEO Alain Harrus believes products using this type of display will reach the market as soon as next year."

From oled-info http://www.oled-info.com/kateeva-rai...k-jet-printing
Kateeva expects to ship the first commercial systems towards the end of 2014. YieldJET systems can be used to mass-produce flexible OLED thin-film encapsulation, one of the major technology hurdles towards flexible OLEDs.

Samsung has suggested displays like you describe for next year and is building a gen 6 flexible line with equipment delivery at the end of the year and expected to be ready for production in q2. LG is planning one but hasn't ordered equipment. If Kateeva is building a machine for a flexible line for delivery this year with product next year, then it is for Samsung's gen 6 line. So, rather than for the RGB OLED, is this Kateeva machine for thin film encapsulation for Samsung's gen 6 flexible line? Samsung's main problem with flexible displays has been the thin film encapsulation so I could see where they would be interested in this.
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Hi, ynot, your theory sounds very correct. That said, Kateeva (and I believe Samsung) are not confirming an explicit commercial relationship at this point. It seems very likely that that Samsung's Gen 6 line for flexible displays will, in fact, use Kateeva's equipment. It is certainly the case that Kateeva is clear on the fact that it's first delivers are focused on customers looking to use thin-film encapsulation and make said displays.

So, let me be clear: I can't confirm or deny because they didn't confirm. But I agree with your conclusions.
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There is no difference in HDMI cables. If you can see the picture without visible dropouts or sparklies, the cable is working at 100%. No other cable will display a better version of that picture. You're simply wrong if you think there is a better digital cable than one that is already working.
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Originally Posted by Wizziwig View Post
Good news for potential shoppers. I also think they will introduce an equivalent to the flat European 55EA870v for an even lower price than the curved.
What makes you think so? Is there a source for this info you can share?
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