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Originally Posted by darinp2 View Post
This is only somewhat related to what you mentioned here, but reminded me of something I've been thinking about because I've seen it on one of the projector forums before, and believe I've seen some of it here and amongst some professionals in this industry.

It is the notion that if somebody has seen something they must be right. Seeing does matter, but unfortunately there are some people who if they went to a magic show would swear that a woman got cut in half. Sometimes understanding why a certain thing was perceived matters and can avoid the situation of mistakenly generalizing something to situations it doesn't apply to.

One person can own something and not understand why they are seeing a certain thing while a non-owner can understand why and some ways to mitigate it, and vis versa.
This point is quite well made. And that's why it's important to understand that things that can occur with a particular display don't necessarily mean they will or be determinative. (Here, Ken and I will agree resoundingly, for example, that "Cyangate" is overblown.)

Originally Posted by tgm1024 View Post
I'm sorry for quoting the entirety of these two posts, but quite frankly they are the perfect example of why this thread is of such a higher quality than any of the LG model threads. Perhaps it's the nature of a discussion centric to technology and science and not one particular item on a store shelf.

I've struggled in those LG model threads endlessly trying to push back on the few insisting that being an owner grants them with some kind of techno-omniscience. It doesn't reach them. It can't. It's not how they think.

There's a lot of (normal?) emotional/psychological stuff that goes on when someone buys something. Much of it hinders objectivity, unfortunately. Doesn't make those people bad people, just makes it hard to have a dispassionate conversation.
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There is no difference in HDMI cables. If you can see the picture without visible dropouts or sparklies, the cable is working at 100%. No other cable will display a better version of that picture. You're simply wrong if you think there is a better digital cable than one that is already working. (Oh, and plasma didn't die because of logistics problems, nor does OLED ship in big boxes because it comes from Korea.)
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^^^ buying a product definitely affects my objectivity. I become hyper critical
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Originally Posted by Ken Ross View Post
There will always be one or two with superhuman vision. For the vast majority of people, this is simply a non-issue, certainly at 12'! More 'under the microscope' stuff. The only time I can recall being cognizant of SDE was on my first Fujitsu plasma. That's was not a full HD display, and there it wasn't overly difficult to see the SDE.

I would also say that certainly a guy like this must also have issues with SDE on other displays, not just the OLED. SDE is not exactly a new phenomena that's been discussed on AVS.
I certainly think you are right about SDE being a non-issue for the vast majority of viewers.

Though we (especially us AVSers) can become more sensitive to some display issues over time.

My ED Panny plasma used to just marginally bother me in terms of pixel structure from my regular viewing distance. Once 1080p plasmas came on the scene the SDE seemed for all practical purposes "solved" for me.
I remember some anti-flat panel folks, especially owners of CRT RPTVS as I remember, complaining of SDE, even on the 1080p panels. To me this had my inner eye-roll activated. I had a hard time believing anyone was so sensitive to SDE as to actually reject 1080p plasmas over it.

Like I've mentioned before here: now that I've lived with an essentially invisible pixel structure (JVC projector with E-shift) for years, SDE now sticks out to me like a sore thumb on the typical 1080p flat panel, especially when I try to get anywhere near to get some immersion. It really does intrude, making the picture look a bit more crude to me. That unfortunately includes the OLEDs I've viewed. And strangely enough, when I move close to the 4K flat panels to start getting the type of field of view expected to benefit 4K viewing, I even start noticing the extremely fine pixel structure in those displays! (Certainly not from the viewing distance I'd use for a 1080p display, though).

This goes against my expectations I had years back. Live and learn. (Or live long enough, and you pick up new AV curses...)
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