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Thanks for the replies. I'm out of town this week but will visit Best Buy next week to look at the phones I'm interested to see: S6, S6 Edge + and the Note 5.

I have two lines active on a month-to-month More Everything plan and if I upgrade both phones (line 2 definitely an S6 for the WAF) I believe I'll have to switch to the Verizon Plan. So not only will I need a reasonable price for the phones, but I won't pay a lot, if anything more, for a new two year plan.

Back to OLED, I am very interested in the 77" footprint. So how is the whole UHD spec. shaping up? If I did buy a UHD display I'd also have to replace my AVR.

Other than some eventual UHD BD content, what else will be available? Will Netflix be streaming UHD anytime soon and will Verizon FiOS support it?
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Originally Posted by slacker711 View Post
The only concrete details we have are that the P10 fab will have a Gen 9 or higher line for televisions and flexible lines to support smartwatches and automotive displays. Ironically, they dont even mention smartphones in their press release.


I have yet to even see speculation about the size of the flexible or television lines. I doubt though that LGD will be alone in supporting Apple. Samsung is very likely to ramp up their own capacity to support the iPhone. Apple will probably need about 60,000 Gen 6 substrates a month for the iPhone in the 2nd half of 2018. That is a big fab, but there is plenty of lead time to build that capacity.

Ynot posted the rumor about the additional investment in to a M3 fab with LGD possibly converting 30,000 substrates to OLED. The timing makes sense to me since it is hard to believe that LGD will wait until the middle of 2018 to bring new television capacity to market.
I'm confident that Samsung is the primary supplier for this hypothetical 2018 iPhone 8. There is no scenario under which LG's new-for-2018 capacity is the primary supply source for a 2018 iPhone. Apple ramps up production for September iPhones very early in summer (some parts likely late spring).

Incidentally, I'd imagine Apple is fronting money to LG as soon as now for this. Not mentioning smartphones could well be a deal term.

There is no difference in HDMI cables. If you can see the picture without visible dropouts or sparklies, the cable is working at 100%. No other cable will display a better version of that picture. You're simply wrong if you think there is a better digital cable than one that is already working. (Oh, and plasma didn't die because of logistics problems, nor does OLED ship in big boxes because it comes from Korea.)
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Originally Posted by rogo View Post
I'd like to believe Nikkei, but this is more or less nonsense: "The U.S. company is thus likely to opt for offering OLED iPhones alongside those using LCD screens."
Originally Posted by slacker711 View Post
The only concrete details we have are that the P10 fab will have a Gen 9 or higher line for televisions and flexible lines to support smartwatches and automotive displays. Ironically, they dont even mention smartphones in their press release.
Originally Posted by rogo View Post
Is any of that capacity maybe mobile/smartphone? I'm trying to understand the iPhone possibilities for a possible story.
If you're asking if any of the gen 8 (WRGB, oxide, 80 ppi resolution) capacity is going to be used for an iPhone I would say that is highly unlikely. If you're asking more generally about Apple and OLED ... there are a lot of conflicting reports each with their own sort of credibility so I like to consider how the story came about and see if the conclusions make sense.

First, is the iPhone going OLED all or nothing. I don't know but I'll make the case it may not. Apple has already had 3 versions of the iPhone, regular, plus version and the lower end "c" version. And there are actually a number of variances within the phones. It's not Steve Jobs like but with Tim Cook there's nothing preventing them from making more in the future. Reports are the new versions aren't selling as well in emerging markets due to lower priced competition and while a company may not go after a certain market to protect their brand image it's entirely different if they've already achieved a level of sales there and start to lose some of that market share. Finally, an Apple OLED will surely have a unique twist to it taking advantage of screen flexibility whether that is foldable or something else. Once you get to an 8-10" display that folds up it's something that could be marketed as a different category device rather than just a latest version of iPhone. So I could certainly see a low end LCD along with a premium flexible OLED device. To me, the argument that it has to be all is iOS would probably be redone with black backgrounds. That could run on an LCD but probably not as well.

So now we have the talk that this LG announcement is for the 2018 iPhone. I'll make the case it's not. First, there have been growing rumors that Apple is talking with both Samsung and LG to get an OLED iPhone. Korean press with actual sources inside the companies were reporting it to be for 2017 but when the LG announcement came out everyone assumed it meant a 2018 iPhone. If LG had a concrete agreement with Apple they would more likely have announced building out gen 6 lines in their half empty P9 building across the street rather than taking a year to build a gen 9 or bigger building before starting construction on the new lines. Going with the larger size building says LG is committed to large size OLED TVs as noted in their press release. Further LG probably doesn't have the resources on their own to fully finance multiple OLED TV lines and flexible gen 6 OLED lines (these are very expensive). So if they have a firm agreement with Apple in a big way there is probably going to be financial assistance with it and some sort of that will be put in an SEC filing which isn't in what they filed yesterday. Of course LG isn't going to advertise it's Apple but financial reporting requirements do exist. So I'm taking LG at their word that this is primarily a TV announcement with some smaller flexible OLEDs in the works.

It's a big if, but if that is true what about Apple and OLED. There is actually more OLED capacity available than people think. Slacker noted they need 60k gen 6 sheets for Apple assuming it's all iPhones plus Samsung still needs to support their own phones. Less if there's a low end LCD model. In early 2017 gen 6 OLED capacity will be
LG 7500
Samsung 54,000 (24k gen 6 equivalent of gen 5.5 capacity)
BOE 32,000
So, an equivalent of 90k gen 6 sheets are available by middle of 2017. Of course Apple isn't going to get displays from BOE but BOE may take away some of Samsung's China business giving Samsung capacity for Apple. We would still need to see more capacity announcements soon though as that might work for one phone release cycle but more capacity from more suppliers will be needed to support autos and other markets.

At any rate, I'd be cautious that the Apple OLED story is fully known and those who do know aren't saying. There's enough credible information including concern from the LCD suppliers that it seems likely Apple will adopt OLED but the timing and form is up for debate.
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Originally Posted by Orbitron View Post
A 50" OLED is a nice size for bedrooms - and we all have bedrooms - 100% market.
Honestly I don't know what the difference between 55 and 50 is, unless you have a cubbyhole you need to stick it into, in which case get a bigger hole
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Hopefully, LG will offer smaller sizes in the future. I'm sure many of us have an aging 32", would be nice to have an OLED in a 35" that would fit in the same space.
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