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Steve S's Avatar Steve S 03:45 PM 07-12-2011
Don't know if anyone's mentionned this or if my doing so will violate any rules (if the latter mod please delete).

Sears website lists many products that are not stocked in the stores. Some are actually sold by Sears (i.e. Vizio tvs) and some are, like some items on Amazon, actually sold by other vendors. In the product description it will say "sold by Sears" or "sold by xxx".

If the item is sold by Sears on the website but not stocked in the stores you can now purchase it at the register in the store instead of using the website. In other words if you want a Vizio tv but want to pay cash or not send your credit card information out on the 'net you can pay for it at the register and have it shipped the same as if you'd bought it on the website. You will need the Sears stock number listed with the item on the website. For tvs, bd players, etc. this will be a number starting with 057, for digital cameras and computer stuff it will start with 03, for video game stuff it will start with 058.

markrubin's Avatar markrubin 06:50 AM 03-04-2012
this thread will be 'unstuck' soon
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