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lowjones's Avatar lowjones 04:50 PM 07-26-2009
When I go to the signal strength i show tuner 2 not locked. I tried the reset code 12357 same problem. I swapped feeds same results. It appears tuner 2 in the Sony is dead. Is there anything else I can try? Also can this unit be repaired or another purchased. I happen to like Ultimate tv.

rocket's Avatar rocket 08:07 PM 07-26-2009
check out the response in the other thread, "problems with sony utv" as your symptoms are the most common ones with older utvs. lgodave has probably hit all the issues. There are places that repair utvs, and quite often someone here is selling a used unit. I've also bought them on ebay.

bottom line, it's probably a burned out tuner. go to the history page and see if you have messages about changing to 1 tuner. if you swap the 2 cables and it's still the same tuner, then it's the tuner.
lgodave's Avatar lgodave 07:29 AM 07-27-2009
Just something to clarify on the troubleshooting.

When you "swap" cables... test each tuner "alone" one cable at a time.

I've also been noticing/using DTV's "Test Channels" 490 and 491 which give you a visual confirmation of getting even (18v) or odd (13v) transponders on Sat 101.

As rocket said it is likely that your UTV may have a fried tuner (you may have to disconnect the "bad" one and go with a single tuner until it is fixed/replaced)... But it may be worth it to confirm that your UTV isn't suffering from overheating or that there are any weak links in the Dish Setup which, if fixed, may keep Tuner 2 happy.

Make sure you check your UTV's LNB settings are correct. You might also use the "advanced" Signal Strength option (accessible via "Dish Pointing" in settings) this allows you to verify the Multi-Switch (if you have one or not, it checks the feeds for proper voltage/signal) can supply both even and odd transponders. I've been able to bring back some Tuners from the "dead" by using this option. (Where cold boots and cool downs didn't seem to help)

In my opinion you may also try and bypass the Multi-Switch to verify a "direct line" doesn't fix the issue. With that said you may also try swapping the lines at the Dish to confirm you don't have a bad connection/cable or bad LNB in your setup, that Tuner 2 doesn't like.

Good luck,
lowjones's Avatar lowjones 08:19 AM 07-27-2009
Thanks Rocket and Lgodave
lgodave's Avatar lgodave 10:28 AM 07-27-2009
Let us know how it turns out.
lgodave's Avatar lgodave 09:41 AM 09-06-2009
Just figured I'd let everyone know one of my longest serving RCA UTVs (Since Spring 2002) has finally developed a "dead" tuner.

Besides having one of my Sony UTVs repaired several years ago my own RCA UTVs have been fairly stable. (My "newest" RCA UTV in 2003 was junk after 6 months or so and I replaced it with a DTV Tivo unit via DTV's Protection Plan, and that Tivo is still OK... several hard drive capacity upgrades later)

So that unit is now on "single tuner" duty and my "repaired" Sony (which in the warmer upstairs has been a bit "flaky" at times before I swapped it with a different Sony) is taking over it's TWO Tuner duties. If my "bad" RCA can hold out... it might work out well for me as I have three UTVs on "single" tuner duty (Two have both tuners, One with only 1). So I still have some "fully functional" active UTVs as backup/spares.

My down stairs RCA UTVs have never had additional fan cooling, just a double plastic cap/stack to improve air flow. Currently open in the back/top/bottom... limited space on the sides and a closed wood/glass door in the front.

I'll probably need to maintain an opening in the door for better flow and possibly add some forced air flow to maintain a better environment. Might be time to dig out my usb "cooling pad" again...
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