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Figured I'd share this info. with any UTVers that happened to pickup a DTVPAL DVR (Like Me). The DTVPAL DVR conflicts with RCA UTVs in "DTV" Mode. Causing it to power up when using the Pal's DVR Remote (the TR-40/CECB model's remote doesn't seem to have the same issue).

Was going to ask if there were "old" Dish DVR users still visiting here. (Precursor to the UTV... which I recall having similar conflicts)

The Default address 1 is causing conflicts so I figure I'll start with 16 and work my way down...

From http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1099071 :

# How do I change the remote code for the DTVPal DVR so I can control it separately from my Dish Network satellite receiver or TR40 CECB?

You can't change the remote code on a Dish Network converter box like the TR40, so you need to change the remote address on the DTVPal DVR so it does not interfere. The remote address on the DTVPal DVR is configured just like a Dish Network satellite receiver:

1. Open the DTVPal DVR's System Information screen by pressing the 'Sys Info' button.
2. Press and hold the PAL button until all the function lights flash.
3. Enter a two-digit number for the new address (02-16) and press the '#' button. [Be sure you use 02 or higher.]
4. With the System Information screen on, press the 'Record' button.

The PAL button will blink three times, and you should see the new remote address at the bottom of the system information screen.

If you have a Dish Network CECB (ex: TR40), there is nothing else you need to do. If you have a Dish Network satellite receiver, then you'll need to set a different two-digit remote address (02-16) for that box.
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