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Cutting Edge HDMI Matrix and Switching from Sewell

Latest HDMI Matrix and Switching Technologies ...and about Price.

Over the last decade, Sewell has been deeply embedded in the 'value' AV market (where you get a lot of bang for your buck in terms of quality and feature-set, even though our solution usually wasn't the most advanced in the market).

That's quickly changing as we form valuable partnerships with the most advanced chip makers in the World.

Our goal is to remain the affordable option while forming partnerships that will allow us to compete on quality and feature-set with options out there that are as much as 4x more expensive than our version.

In other words, we want to disrupt an industry that is overpriced.

4K 60Hz Support

Let's start with the basics. We've teamed up with the highest-quality chip makers to produce one of the best values in HDMI Matrix switching on the market. Our Spider HDMI Matrix v2.0 gives you 4K 60Hz, IP control, IR extending, RS-232, and Signal Amplification starting from $345 (for the 4x2). You'll also want to make sure to get our 4K HDMI Cables with 60Hz and 4:4:4 chroma support as well.

Seamless Switching

One of the most heralded new switching technologies to come out in recent history is 'seamless switching'. It refers to how fast it can switch between HDMI sources-- seamless switching takes about 100ms to get from one source to another, virtually instantaneous.

Seamless switching technology has overcome the big problem with EDID handshakes that take 5-8 seconds on average. It can accomplish this by forming these handshakes in the background as you watch one of your sources.

Most of us in our living rooms have learned to live with this delay when switching from source to source, but for people installing switches in auditoriums, campuses, churches, and board rooms, the pain point of waiting that agonizing 5-8 seconds in between every HDMI switch can be quite a show-stopper.

Our entry into the field of Seamless Switching is our Crossbow 4x1 HDMI Seamless Switcher.

Fast Switching

Fast Switching is like seamless switching, just not quite as fast. Fast switching is typically considered to take somewhere between 500ms and 2 seconds to switch sources.

"Fast Switching" is not very standardized in terms of switching speed. In other words, the spectrum of speed for units that are marketed as fast switchers is a lot wider than the spectrum for devices labelled as 'seamless'.

Our prime entries into this market are our SwitchDeck HDMI switches, and there is tremendous value here: $34.95 (30% off MSRP) for a fast HDMI switch that also features Polyview (our version of PIP switching) which I'll explain soon.

EDID Learning

EDID Learning enables splitters and matrixes to overcome the 'lowest common denominator' problem of sending the same uniform signal to all diverse displays connected regardless of those displays' specs. This age-old problem used to be solved with downscalers, but with EDID learning you don't have to settle for the lowest-common settings of all connected displays.

The splitter/matrix with EDID learning/programming/storage enabled can send unique resolution, refresh rate, color space, etc to every display based on each display's unique specs. EDID learning is also another way to speed up your HDMI switching without sacrificing any video quality. Click this article link to read more about EDID learning.

We've recently implemented EDID learning into our new Spider Pro Matrix Series.

Watch the live demo of the Spider Pro's IP and RS-232 control as well as 4K 60Hz performance:

Polyview (Our Version of PIP Switching)

One thing that we've implemented in a $250 switch in the past year or so was something called Polyview-- a new technology that allows you to watch what's going on on your other HDMI sources in picture-in-picture style (PIP).

This technology that used to be extremely expensive is now implemented into our SwitchDeck 4x1 HDMI Switch which, again, goes for only 34.95.

It's frustrating to switch around all your HDMI ports when you can't remember what is hooked up to which port, and Polyview is a really nice way to quickly remember.


Multiview (found on our Crossbow) is like Polyview, only better. Instead of just the PIP feature, you also get to display your various HDMI sources in larger-sized compartments on your TV. Better yet, you get options on how those multiple screens are displayed.

The ability for us to release these technologies without breaking the bank is one of our most exciting developments here at Sewell. Feel free to ask/comment here, or send me a PM if you like (especially if you're a reseller or VAR looking to implement these technologies for your clients).

HDCP 2.2

HDCP 2.2 is already causing quite a stir in the AV world because anything (all TVs, components, etc.) that uses HDCP 2.2 encryption will not be able to successfully connect with devices that are of an earlier HDCP version.

So-- it's a matter of what your near-future HDTV purchasing decisions will be. HDCP 2.2 compliant chipsets and components are more expensive because of how new the standard is, so if you don't plan on buying a new HDTV for at least 2-3 years but need cost-effective HDMI components now, it might still make sense to buy the less-expensive components in the short-run (only by doing cost comparisons will you know for sure).

If on the other hand you plan on upgrading your HDTV somewhat soon and need HDMI components right now, you should definitely start investing in HDCP 2.2 equipment.

Our new SplitDeck HDMI Splitter series supports 4K at 60Hz and supports HDCP 2.2.

Connect Anything at Sewell Direct

Also, check out our dedicated AVS subforum here.

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