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Originally Posted by Xignals View Post
Yes it is the 3-tuner MR-1500T3 and a MP-1000 Mate. Had about 3 of the large silver boxes since 2004 when Charter got them in my area. Loved it to death
but one of the tuners quit and the unit started rebooting all the time. I cuss the DVR I got in replacement everyday so can't wait to get the Moxi!
Well the Moxi hardware should last longer than the old Charter boxes, fingers-crossed the Arris service does.

When activating you'll need this link

Your firewall/router may cause a problem so I would connect directly to your modem during installation and bypass the firewall.

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So for the 6 tuner cable version, you pair each remote with each "media player" and they are RF remotes. I have a Logitech Harmony that does not do RF so I'm wondering if both RFCE and IR are active at the same time. The Harmony is only in the room with my Yamaha AVR and Xbox 360.

I also wonder if you can register a cable issued unit with Would be nice to use remote DVR scheduling and iPad app.
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The cable issued unit would go through the cable providers site for online scheduling...if they allow that capability speaking of the provider.
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Oh well my cable provider does not advertise any sort of remote programming functionality.

Does it support HDMI-CEC control at least?
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As Cypherstream has mentioned our cable provider (Service Electric) has started using the Arris Whole Home Solution recently. What has to be noted that the Gateway is a headless unit that incorporates a cable systems triple play services. The Gateway has the DVR hard drive (500GB), a DOCSIS 3.0 modem, a telephone modem, and a wireless router with 2.4GHz and 5GHz support. The Gateway does not hook to any of your TVs so you will need to rent a Media Player for each TV.
Also I called to find out if you can disable the router but I figure you can not because the DVR is connected to the built in router internally so you will have to use the provided router. The supervisor I spoke to said he would call me back about disabling the router but never did. I also wanted to know if the Media Players can be hooked up solely by Ethernet and he said sort of. His answer if the Gateway is placed near a Media Player they would hook it to the gateway by Ethernet cable but other wise they would use MoCA. He also did not know how well the router would work with switches. He had no idea what DLNA was so I can not confirm if that still works. The ticker is still working.
What this setup has in common with the Moxi and Mate setup is the UI is the same but the cable operator can use a different color background. The remote control is the same. You also have to set up an account with ARRIS just like a Moxi account which gives remote scheduling. The guide data comes from Tribune Media Services.
Some of the downsides is the Media Player will release the tuner after 8 hours of no use. You can have 6 Media Players hooked up which depending on use will reduce the number of tuners to record. You have to use the built in wireless router which gives your cable system to much control over your in home network. Depending on the number of TVs you have it is somewhat expensive to rent, for me it will be about $30/month for two TVs. There is also a $50 set up charge at installation. Our cable system also incorporated around the clock caps on the internet so any service you use of theirs that uses the cable modem will count against the cap including the Gateway getting guide updates. On our system you must have at least TV and internet or TV, internet, and phone with them to get the Whole Home System. If any of the services in the Gateway fail the whole unit has to be replaced as no of the components in the Gateway can be serviced individually, except for the battery back up for the phone.

Just for reference here is the User manuals for the Moxi and Mates as the site is still up and running.
Moxi HD DVR User guide:
Moxi Mate User guide:
Moxi Remoter User guide:

Here is some links from Arris about the Whole Home Solution.

Here is some links to my cable system about the Arris setup.
Note: If you get a pop up asking for Zip Code put 17931 in the box.
Gateway User guide:
Gateway quick start guide:
Remote Control guide:

Links from the sister division of my cable system for the Arris setup:
Pricing and description:
They offer the Arris Sling Box but you have to buy it for $159.95: Our division does not offer this.

My cable system was also testing TiVos but went with the Arris set up as it was cheaper than TiVo but as you can see Arris really did nothing with the Moxi software since they bought it. The recent TiVo summer update changes the software from Adobe Flash to Haxe and we got a whole new user interface. The cable company issued TiVos will get this and more in September. Digeo wrote the Moxi UI in 2008 so it is now 6 years old and in another 4 years it will be a decade old. I severely doubt Arris will do a fresh rewrite of the Moxi UI. I mentioned this to the supervisor of my division and he said that the Arris setup is easier on them to setup especially for the CSRs. He said the TiVos were to advanced for them to understand.

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