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Robert Cobler's Avatar Robert Cobler 06:00 PM 01-28-2002

I just picked up my DTC-100 from 169Time with new software installed which supports the Panny 1000, the JVC DH-30000 (both Japanese and US versions) and the new DH-35000 (Japanese version). It is now possible to connect a mixture of HD VCR's to the firewire ports on the DTC-100. I will report back when I have tested a lot more with the DTC-100 and the new DH-35000.

I think this is really good news for everybody interested in HD recording using a currently manufactured HD vcr. The 100's firewire ports supports dubbing between the various machines. You can thus record off-air signals either SD or HD AND if you have a Dish 5000 with modulator, from satellite (HBO, Showtime, etc). Stay tuned on this one...

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