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I'm having problems recording OTA DTV broadcasts on my Dish 612.

Here's my setup...
Antenna in attic --> ~60' RG6 --> 30db amp --> 2 way split --> diplexer --> room outlet --> diplexer --> 2 way split --> 612 OTA input & TV OTA input.

The first two way split feeds to another diplexer and on to the living room TV.

I get wonderful reception on both TVs. Never had a breakup while watching OTA. On playback of the 612 (of an OTA recording), the video will glitch and occasionally give me a pop-up message saying "part of the signal was lost".

Contacting Dish gave me the suggestion to ground the antenna, so I did that (just before the amp). That helped, but didn't solve the problem. They next suggested a surge protector. I tried that and that seemed to solve things... for a week. Now the problem is back.

I only record shows on FOX (low VHF-4), and NBC (UHF-39). Signal strengths (according to the 612) is 77 (FOX) and 87 (NBC). Problem happens a LOT more on FOX, basically making the recordings unwatchable.

I have not watched a show live while recording it and then watch the playback to see if the problem is 612 reception. I'm going to try pads on the OTA input to the 612 to see if the signal is too hot.

Dish basically tells me "We're not responsible for OTA antenna reception" but won't tell me how strong the signal needs to be. They also seem to ignore that I have NO reception issues with either television.

Anyone else have any ideas or have seen this before?
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612 OTA Tuner is junk. When I got my 612 that was going to be my number one feature of being able to record off two tuners and OTA until I tried it and the OTA reception was terrible. Plus reception was terrible in Brooklyn just being 4 miles from the ESB I picked up two cruddy NJ stations (WNJU and WFME in cruddy 480i) stronger 15 miles. Reception in NYC has improved better on some channels broadcasting from the ESB since last July. Should be better after the June 12th transition. This is all using a Terk HDTVi indoor antenna.

Back to the 612 I saw more of that stupid annoying error screen and also the receiver keep locking up on endless Acquiring Satellite Signal strength screen when changing between OTA and Satellite forcing me to do a reboot. It did this one time when I was recording a movie on the second satellite tuner and the movie was almost over. Also it would randomly reboot while doing a channel scan. It did it when I first got it and did a channel scan. After that I had enough and I hooked my antenna back to the TV. I use the tuner in my TV for OTA. I often watch channels like WABC and WNYN (FOX) OTA which are my strongest ESB channels but through my TV.

Otherwise as a DVR the 612 is great at recoding two satellite stations at the same time. Also I get all of the major networks on Dish Network except My Networks (WWOR) and PBS (WNET). Also I can't get dit OTA on PBS (WNET) except for the NJN (WNJU) PBS station that is in 1080i HD. But I will not trust recording anything OTA on the 612.

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