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Sim-X's Avatar Sim-X 09:45 PM 06-30-2009
I know I was not the only one looking for this. Since I couldn't find an answer I had to head over to the JP1 forums (they make the remotes) and found some very nice helpful people. I would like to thank vickyg2003 a forum regular over at JP1 Remotes as well as Rob for directing me to the forums.

1)Select Aux
2) Hold setup 2 flashes
3) type 01376 2 flashes

1) select Aux button
2) Hold SETUP, 2 flashes
3) Type 994, 2 flashes
4) Tap SETUP
4) Enter the EFC 00173
5) Tap the button to be programmed [Cbl][triangle], 2 flashes

Make sure on step 5 you hit cbl button first before triangle. Again all credit goes to vicky over at JP1. Here is the original post

Please register over there and give thanks if you have time! I just wanted to post it here since I didn't even know who made the comcast remotes before I started looking around cause I couldn't get skip to work. I can confirm this is working.

cn4276's Avatar cn4276 09:51 PM 01-13-2013
I looked all over for this for the gray remote and everyone who THOUGHT they had the answer was wrong!! YOU WERE THE ONLY GOOD HELP I FOUND!! BLESS YOU!!
I missed my 30 second jumper and now thanks to you my sweety is back. Plus my wife is soooooooo happy. That's a nice bonus!!
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