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katman2's Avatar katman2
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09-27-2009 | Posts: 2
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Has anyone had luck in connecting an external HD to this DVR (TW Cable Cincinnati).

I bought a Seagate showcase and followed the instructions to set up. The DVR initially recognized the drive but I didn't act in time to format it. I tried resetting everything a couple of times but now the DVR does recognize the drive or give me a prompt to format it.

Thanks to all that respond.
okienole's Avatar okienole
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10-01-2009 | Posts: 2
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I have a Atlanta 8240 HDC from Cox. I have tried to connect a WD My Book to it using an eSata cable. The DVR did not recognize it, so I ordered a WD DVR Expander, and I am happy to report that it connected with no problems at all.
MikeNorman's Avatar MikeNorman
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10-04-2009 | Posts: 292
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I am in the process of going from DIRECTV using the HR20-700 and HR20-100 both with external eSATA Seagate 750 Gig drives to COX cable with two Explorer 8240 HDC units. I cannot get either Explorer 8240 to recognize either of the two Seagate drives. I have followed instructions about unplugging the Explorer 8240 HDC, connecting the eSATA cable, powering up the Seagate drive and then powering up the Explorer 8240 HDC. I have tried this many times and cannot make it work.

I have ordered from Amazon the IOMEGA Expander one terabyte drive that is suppose to work with the Explorer 8240HDC and will get it on Tuesday. I will see if it will work before ordering a second one for the other Explorer 8240HDC.

Anyone have any thoughts as to why the Seagate drives will not work? Could it be something the DIRECTV HDR20’s did to the drives that will not allow the Explorer 8240 HDC to recognize the drive?

I am running the SARA software on the Explorer 8240 HDC according to the diagram in the Weakness WEB site.
MarwanNusair's Avatar MarwanNusair
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10-16-2009 | Posts: 2
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I just got an Iomega 1Tb DVR extender from and installed it. The DVR went through it's boot routine and then briefly asked if the drive was to be formatted. I clicked on "A" as instructed and the screen immediately went away. The drive was not recognized and the total memory stayed the same. I tried rebooting from scratch several times but the "format" message never re-appeared and the memory size never changed. I've returned the Iomega drive to Amazon and they are sending me a replacement, on the assumption that the first one was defective. If the second one doesn't work I may have to call it quits unless someone has a solution.

Does Cincinnati Time Warner have some special deal that blocks external memory?
hdtvfan2005's Avatar hdtvfan2005
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10-17-2009 | Posts: 2,279
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The HDC boxes aren't compatible with eSATA yet. They will in a future update.
MikeNorman's Avatar MikeNorman
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10-17-2009 | Posts: 292
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I installed two Iomega 34508 DVR Expander 1TB to two Explorer 8240 HDC following the IOMEGA instructions however the instructions did not mention that the Explorer would come up saying Network not found and a one would appear on the front of the Explorer. It did say that I should hit the info button when I saw the mail indicator on the front panel flashing. This took about 15 minutes to happen. The Explorer came up after several minutes and asked to format the IOMEGA drive by pressing the yellow "A" button on the remote. Instructions said that the Explorer would tell me when formatting was complete. I never saw this message and after waiting for the message for an hour plus I displayed amount of disk space available and it had gone from 40 percent to 2 per cent. This is the only indication that I have that the Explorer was using the IOMEGA drive.

I like the small size of the IOMEGA drive and it came with a eSATA cable that I used in connecting to the Explorer 8240HDC. I have seen shutter effect about three times during the past two weeks. Amazon has great prices on the IOMEGA drives. Previously I had tried to move Seagate drives previously connected to the DIRECTV HR20's and could not make them work.

I am on the Oklahoma City COX system and my two Explorers 8240HDC are running the SARA software according to the outline in I do not know how to tell which version of the SARA software I am running.
MarwanNusair's Avatar MarwanNusair
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10-20-2009 | Posts: 2
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I sent back the Iomega drive to Amazon and got a replacement, same model type. This one worked first time and the available memory went from about 50% to 6% right away. We recorded a couple of programs, one in HD and one in standard, and both have an annoying habit of occasionally freezing up, pixilating, then continuing on playback. If you then rewind a bit and replay, the second time is fine. This will wreak havoc with anything we want to dub over to DVDs.

Does anyone have any experience with this?
aldushuxley's Avatar aldushuxley
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09-13-2010 | Posts: 1
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I have the Explorer 8240 HDC device through Cox as well. I plan to what the person from Oklahoma did. Is anyone aware of any issues that may have occurred since these earlier postings?

Has anyone had any luck at getting material on to a DVD/Blu-Ray or a computer?
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