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Originally Posted by WS65711 View Post
Ok.. so I did the update to v1.1i along with the Tools update, and I rebooted the 3:30 TiVo again... but still no joy . . .

The two things that puzzle me most are that the 3:30 file will transfer just fine to another TiVo, and that the 4:00 file from another TiVo will transfer just fine to the computer, but yet the 3:30 file simply refuses to transfer completely to the computer.. always stopping in the same spot midway through the 3rd quarter.
OK, there is just something about that recording that will defy all your efforts -- time to move on to plan B.

Use kmttg to download and decrypt the 4:00 recording to an .mpg file. Then search for a freeware AV scene cutter program that will let you trim the backend off.

Take a look at AviDemux for starters.

- kelson h

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I thought about a BRUTE FORCE option, and it turned out to work pretty well . . .

When the 3:30 file transfer to kmttg would stop prematurely, it would still always leave me with a perfectly playable (although too short by about an hour) video file on the computer. So I tried Cancelling the transfer manually from kmttg, and that also left me with a playable file. So I looked at the file size that kmttg reported for the 4:00 video on the TiVo (in GB), divided by 8 and then multiplied by 7 to get the approx file size for 3:30 of video. Then compared that to the size that kmttg reported for the (no-transferrable) 3:30 file and found them to be very close. Then I converted the number I had to MB, since the live "transferred" indication on kmttg is in MB. I then started a transfer of the 4:00 file to kmttg, watching the MB transferred and then Cancelled the transfer when is was just slightly past my magic number. I ended up with a 3:32 file on my computer!

Then I used kmttg to convert the resultant TiVo file to an mpeg file that my son can take back to school with him on his notebook at the end of the week.

So in the end I basically got what I wanted.. a video file that didn't contain 30 minutes of the following game in it, consuming and extra 3-4GB of disk space. But my work-around would have been a bit easier if the kmttg people would display the TiVo file size and the "transferred" amount in the same units.. whether it be MB or GB doesn't matter.

Many thanks to those here that have helped me along with this!

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