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dz2k's Avatar dz2k 12:05 PM 11-23-2013
read the fpp instruction thread and tips i gave about this.

VisionOn's Avatar VisionOn 12:22 PM 11-23-2013
Originally Posted by David744 View Post

New to this forum, but I've read the thread with interest as a have a 3-yr old 2-tuner moxi that has seen better days.

Didn't someone post previously that some of the 2-tuner might have old firmware that doesn't like a lot of drives?
dz2k's Avatar dz2k 01:01 PM 11-23-2013
only use the hdds confirmed working for your model would be best. most have same f/w since 2010 but some have cablevision special f/w update.
VisionOn's Avatar VisionOn 02:45 PM 11-24-2013
I'm not talking about software, I could have sworn someone mentioned earlier that the motherboards themselves are a different revision and don't play nicely.
David744's Avatar David744 06:30 PM 11-24-2013
After trying about a dozen times, the FFP worked with a socket. Turns out Comcast encrypted my signal, and I'm not able to receive any channels, even with their cable card. When/if they get it worked out, I'll update how the WD drive performed. In the meantime, using a OTA antenna.
dz2k's Avatar dz2k 06:34 PM 11-24-2013
you have to call Comcast and give them the new data id associated with your cable card and have them send a cable card validation hit(ccv) to get all channels back.
dz2k's Avatar dz2k 09:56 PM 11-24-2013
Originally Posted by VisionOn View Post

I'm not talking about software, I could have sworn someone mentioned earlier that the motherboards themselves are a different revision and don't play nicely.
I don't recall. I remember there being a bad stock of the Seagate hdds that were In moxi in the beginning but thankfully that was before my time.
David744's Avatar David744 06:10 PM 11-25-2013
I did pair it with comcast - no luck. I'm able to see the full programming guise, but still don't see a picture or hear audio.
TeeJay1952's Avatar TeeJay1952 07:19 AM 11-26-2013
It is either a bad Cable Card or incorrect setup. Try, Try again.
dz2k's Avatar dz2k 07:22 AM 11-26-2013
they didn't input all the numbers right. you have to go to your cable card pairing screen on moxi and read them off to cable card support.
David744's Avatar David744 07:24 PM 11-29-2013
Update, the Comcast guy came out today and tried another two cable cards and paired with the signal and got the same result. So now, I'm 0/4 with cards. They're going to send a cablecard guru out next.
summerangel's Avatar summerangel 02:33 PM 11-30-2013
Does anyone know of a HD enclosure that will not spin down on idle? I had a antec mx-1 that worked perfect but they dont make them any more. I am conecting it via e-sata cable.
Robert Duncan's Avatar Robert Duncan 06:30 PM 11-30-2013
I thin you will find that the spin down (sleep) function is part of the drive, not the case. If you are using a WD drive, the wdidle3.exe utility can set the function off.
dbrons's Avatar dbrons 12:19 PM 01-01-2014
I've got a couple questions smile.gif I replaced the original hard drive because my external died and I didn't like my esata enclosure or having an extra component.

I bought a 2tb Seagate pipeline same model as the original. But my new drive came marked made in China. It works fine, but is louder than the original. It has that soft clicking, or seeking sound.
I can't notice it while watching TV but I hear it clearly in a quiet room.

So I'm seriously considering trying another drive. I like what I read about the WD20eurx :

Does this drive run quiet in the 3tuner Moxi?

Also, considering cloning my drive just so I wouldn't have to deal with Time Warner and re enter all my series recordings. It's kinda a pain because if the show isn't airing within the next two weeks you can't schedule.
Any tips about best software to use I have looked over this thread and will again but any tips would be appreciated. I'm not opposed to the 4fp as I did it last time but I never know when dealing with TW.

brianko's Avatar brianko 06:55 PM 01-12-2014
Moxi 3-tuner DVR
WD  Green Desktop 500GB WDBAAY5000ENC-NRSN
Firmware v.


Very quiet, very impressed.  Original HD-equipped system got no further than the network setup, then failed.  Nothing special, just did a 4-finger reboot and let it do its thing.


I did have to call TWC to repair the CableCard to the SDV, as the data ID changed (TWC CC number I used is 866-606-5889).  I wonder:  If I make a copy of this drive to another drive for a backup, will the data ID change each time I swap hard drives?

rsundstrom's Avatar rsundstrom 03:20 AM 01-15-2014
Originally Posted by wdln View Post

...I got the FFP to work on the first try by bringing the Moxi to work and using the internet connection there. That thing is INCREDIBLY picky about how it connects to the internet. At my work (a college campus) all our IP's are "real" internet IP's, not a 192.168 or 10.10 reassigned private range. They do still shape the traffic and block certain ports from certain ranges of IP's, but whatever the Moxi was looking for, it found it. Anyone know the protocol it connects with during the restore process? Simple FTP or HTTP maybe?

Anyway, connecting directly to the Comcast modem at home should have worked, but maybe it wasn't doling out the IP fast enough for the Moxi's firmware to act.

Anyway, hopefully this info helps someone...

Running a packet trace, it appears the Moxi install program loader uses UDP (as opposed to TCP) as the network communication protocol - likely using TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol) as the file transfer mechanism. Lots of switches, routers and firewalls are configured to block UDP packets. This may be why the FFP software install fails in some network setups.
Nesko's Avatar Nesko 10:01 PM 01-15-2014
This is an update to my last post over 6 months ago. I sincerely hope this post helps other moxi users out there who are a little nervous about fixing their own moxi device. If you read my past posts I own two moxi dvr devices each of which have had hard drives fail and replaced 3 times each. the last two at $250 a pop and they lasted less than 18 months each.

I had a difficult time at first following the procedure listed in this thread regarding installing a new hard drive and forcing the moxi to download the new software. There are a few listings in this thread that talk about cloning the old moxi drive not to replace a defective drive, but as preventative measure prior to the moxi drive failing. the idea is to install a superior hard drive like a server grade drive or a surveillance drive which unlike regular computer hard drives are rated for continuous use like a DVR.

There are no suggestions posted that I could find about cloning a bad moxi drive. As a last resort after repeatedly failing to get the moxi to install the software to a new drive with the procedure listed at the beginning of this thread. I tried the following and it work wonderfully and it was surprisingly easy and straight forward.

I took a new Seagate SV35 1000GB drive which I had seen in numerous postings worked as a replacement for other contributors. Removed my moxi seagate pipeline ST3500 500GB drive that was unable to boot no matter what I tried. Put them both in a spare pc with a CD. I downloaded a program listed elsewhere in this form called G4L, which is an image file that with Nero burn or other burn software, creates a Linux bootable CD that clones and partitions drives. I used Nero to burn the image to CD. took the CD and inserted it into the spare computer, (It could have also been my main computer and cause no harm, but the spare was easier for me.)

You must make sure during the computer boot process you hit the delete key or whatever key your system used to go to bios and setting and change the boot sequence to make sure the CD is the first boot device, not the HDD. Then after you save your settings and exit, the computer finishes the boot process and boots into linux on the CD. Like yes or enter thru a bunch of descriptions and accepting the risks you eventually get to a screen that allows you to either go directly to all the linux hocus pocus code which I know nothing about, or simply type in G4L which takes you to an easy select the box series of screens, you will only need to use the arrow keys and the enter key to advance thru most of the screen until you reach the drive selection screens, in which you select with the space bar.

You first select between various options, and choose RAW as the process in which you will be using the most complete process to clone the drive. In another screen you will select clone, which will take you to a menu which will list a series of options to select. the first box is select source drive, while that choice is highlighted (you use the arrow keys in this screen to move up and down the choice boxes), that is the original moxi drive you want to copy the software from. Select (highlight) that line and hit enter, it takes you to a screen in which you see both hard drives, in my case the 500GB moxi and the 1000GB new drive, It also lists the CD. To select the proper drive use the up or down arrow key to move to and highlight the smaller drive you know has the software and in this case (DO NOT HIT ENTER) read the instructions, it say hit the space bar to select the drive. Hitting the space bar creates a *in front of that line, now when you hit the enter button it will take you back to the previous selections screen. If you hit the enter button without selecting an option with the space bar you get hung up in Linux code and need to reboot and start over.

You are now back in the select options screen arrow down to select destination drive, the new drive you want to clone to. Hit enter and again use the space bar to select the new drive, then hit enter. You go back to the selection screen and arrow down to clone, hit enter, then wait, about an hour in my case. You will see the progress bar as the cloning takes place. when the process is done, you will be back in the select options screen where you will arrow down to reboot/exit option click that and you will go to another screen where you choose to turn the computer off. When off remove the new drive and go install it in the moxi.

Now it gets exciting, no more press 4 arrow buttons and try to get it to load. Just plug everything in the power cord and all other connections, network cable, hdmi, usb if you are with cox like I am. turn on your TV and watch the moxi sign appear and do everything else itself. It begins to check the hard. Yes the HDD and software was messed up and the cloning process copied the messed up part too, but now you have a new drive that can be fixed, before you did not. within 15 minutes of self repair everything is working fine and I have the added benefit of all my recorded shows. I am not a computer geek and I can not tell you why this worked so well, I suspect that more than enough of the software was not corrupt so all the internet settings needed to connect thru my server were intact and these moxi devices seem to have the wonderful ability to self heal as long as it can successfully connect to its "mother" at moxi via the internet.

Like most users I love this moxi, I do wish it had a better GUI browser and could stream content, but blue rays do a good job at that and so are newer TVs. For recording Cable TV I have not seen anything I like better, and now i can protect my investment by being able to repair my moxi's myself at a very minimal cost. Now if only the cable companies can keep their cable cards working.

Hope this was helpful and you keep your moxi going.
brianko's Avatar brianko 09:51 AM 01-18-2014

Does the cable card data ID change when you swap out your cloned hard drives?

dz2k's Avatar dz2k 09:54 AM 01-18-2014
no. i tested this recently.
brianko's Avatar brianko 09:57 AM 01-18-2014

Excellent, thanks!

dz2k's Avatar dz2k 10:19 AM 01-18-2014
np. just make sure your premium channels are viewable before cloning. i guess the data id affects all channels but its just a heads up. after 3 months, i was unable to clone again to a second hdd so u may want to try before that time.
brianko's Avatar brianko 08:58 AM 01-19-2014

So, the cloning process went another WD Green drive, installed both drives in my Linux machine, booted with an old Ubuntu 6.06 Live CD I had lying around, and then used the following command from the terminal window to clone:


sudo dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb bs=4096 conv=noerror,notrunc


(Note:  If you use two identical hard drives you will have to figure out which is which, because you don't want to accidentally write over your good disk!  Here's what I did:  I copied the first 4096 bytes to temporary files, then looked at them with a binary editor.  The "good" drive will have the revision embedded in the first 4K bytes.  Something like this will work:


dd if=/dev/sda bs=4096 count=1 of=/tmp/sda.tmp

dd if=/dev/sdb bs=4096 count=1 of=/tmp/sdb.tmp

vim -b /tmp/sda.tmp (If you see "6.11" embedded in the output, it's the "good" drive...exit with ESC-:q)

vim -b /tmp/sdb.tmp (double check)


It took about 3 hours for the copy to finish.  Something new I learned:  You can send a USR1 signal to the dd process and it will return the progress of the copy.)


So the cloned drive was tested first, booted right up.


The "good" drive?  Not so lucky...just the MOXI logo.  Did all the normal things, couldn't get it to boot. Damn.


Another AVS search suggested pulling all the cables (except power and HDMI of course) and then rebooting.  Success!  Plugged the SDV USB cable, network cable, and coax back in, everything came back.


Wish I had known this before shelling out $300 to Arris for refurb and learn I guess.

giomania's Avatar giomania 12:18 PM 01-23-2014
Interesting posts about the cloning; I recall awhile back some users posting that cloning with G4L did not work on a Moxi drive; apparently something has changed.

I was curious if anyone has ever tried running Spinrite (Recovery, Maintenance, & Repair Utility) on a failing or failed Moxi HDD.


dz2k's Avatar dz2k 01:44 PM 01-23-2014
i tried spinrite on a failing hdd and ran for a couple days and then fatal error. i had to rma the hdd. i will say several other progeams did the same thing beforehand. waste of time if u ask me.
giomania's Avatar giomania 05:00 PM 01-23-2014
I was thinking of getting it (Spinrite) for general HDD maintenance and new HDD stress test/burn-in use. I picked up a replacement Samsung 2TB drive for the Moxi as a spare, and wanted to stress test the drive before storing it, while I can still return it.

Is there another utility you like better?


DigitalKnight's Avatar DigitalKnight 12:04 PM 01-24-2014
I think I need to pick up a new drive for my Moxi 2 tuner. What is the best 1TB drive I should order up for replacement? Newegg a good place to get one?

VisionOn's Avatar VisionOn 12:30 PM 01-24-2014
Originally Posted by giomania View Post

I was thinking of getting it (Spinrite) for general HDD maintenance and new HDD stress test/burn-in use. I picked up a replacement Samsung 2TB drive for the Moxi as a spare, and wanted to stress test the drive before storing it, while I can still return it.

Is there another utility you like better?

Almost every drive manufacturer offers free tools that perform all the deep SMART tests that Spinrite does. Unless you have a damaged drive and need to recover as a last resort there is no need to buy Spinrite. Download Seatools, WD Lifeguard etc. and run those.
TeeJay1952's Avatar TeeJay1952 07:32 AM 01-25-2014
Originally Posted by DigitalKnight View Post

I think I need to pick up a new drive for my Moxi 2 tuner. What is the best 1TB drive I should order up for replacement? Newegg a good place to get one?


But you can get 2 TB and it will work.
DigitalKnight's Avatar DigitalKnight 07:53 AM 01-25-2014
Originally Posted by TeeJay1952 View Post

But you can get 2 TB and it will work.

Thanks for the link... which is for a 1TB drive? That drive looks like a good deal ... perhaps I should order it?
dz2k's Avatar dz2k 09:56 AM 01-25-2014
Originally Posted by TeeJay1952 View Post

But you can get 2 TB and it will work.

not true. 1.5tb is the limit 2 tuner.
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