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djrich's Avatar djrich 06:58 AM 08-22-2012
I haven't been on this forum for several years, my Sony DVR has been working great, since the OTA Analog to Digital conversion several years ago (after I put on the patch from Sony). Anyway, is something going on overall with the the TVGOS signal the last week, or is it just my local problem (in Lincoln, NE)? Both my DVRs have no listing, so the TVGOS signal apparently ended about a week ago. Any ideas?
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Kelson's Avatar Kelson 07:58 AM 08-22-2012
Call/Email the station that supplies your TVGOS signal and ask them what's up. Then after they tell you it is not a problem on their side, call Rovi.

Either way, be prepared to do without TVGOS for some period of time.
videobruce's Avatar videobruce 06:53 AM 08-26-2012
There is a dedicated thread for that DVR, post there.
Beckyl's Avatar Beckyl 06:11 PM 09-10-2012
I am also having this problem in Des Moines, Iowa. It has been approx. 2 weeks and the guide shows no listing.
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