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joecass's Avatar joecass 06:37 AM 11-27-2012
OK guys need some feedback here. Have two DTVPal DVR's that have worked flawlessly for 2 & 1/2 years. One was bought "new" from KMart, the other a refurb from Sears.
While watching recorded programs on Pal #1, it keeps showing an error message concerning "Software Update Failed - IP Connection Lost".

This machine has never been connected to the Internet via the Ethernet port. It has the F208 software. This message appears EVERY time I'm watching a recorded show. If I don't hit the "OK" button, it will shut down and reboot.

DTVPal #2, recently started randomly freezing, and not respond to any remote commands.
First time it happened, I just unplugged it. Second time it happened, it was on the
Program Guide screen. It's just PSIP data, there's no TVGuide Icon in the listings.
Froze after scrolling through the listings. Also wouldn't respond to remote commands.
Third time, I just left it on, eventually the PSIP screen went off, and returned to normal operation. BTW, my OTA signal is weak.... in the middle to low 60's.

What's causing the lock-up in #2 ? Low signal level, lack of TVGuide, or an impending
problem with the internal electronics, or the hard drive ?. When it first happened, I formatted
the hard drive and let the machine reboot itself.

Any ideas ?

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