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I purchased a JVC SR-VD400U D-VHS machine new about three years ago. This was probably the last model of D-VHS that JVC made. Since then I have had trouble getting this machine to actually do all of the great things it is supposedly capable of. I know this is pretty obsolete technology, but I’ve got some time in my hands want to see just what it can do.
JVC INPUTS: firewire, s-video and composite, antenna
JVC OUTPUTS: firewire, s-video and composite, antenna, component

What I CAN do in DVHS mode (HS mode in all cases):
- Record miniDV (standard definition) footage directly from my Canon HV40 camcorder via firewire.
- Record programs from DirecTV STB via s-video in 720x480 (DVD quality, but still standard definition).
- Watch pre-recorded D-Theatre tapes.
That’s about it. About the only useful feature is the high quality of SD recordings.

What I CANNOT do in DVHS mode (HS mode in all cases):
- Record anything from antenna (the deck’s tuner predates ATSC).
- Record high definition from satellite box. DirecTV STB has neither firewire out or antenna out. JVC has no component in.
- Using CAP-DVHS and DVHS Tool, I tried transferring high definition MPEG2 TS files to the JVC, but I get severe blocking noise. The MPEG2 TS files were compiled by recording OTA in SageTV with a Vista View internal capture card (VIXS). The resulting MPEG2 program stream file was converted to TS using a video converter. I verified with a computer program that the resulting final file is an MPEG2 TS, which is the file format my JVC requires.
- Using CAP-DVHS and DVHS Tool, I tried transferring high definition TS files recorded with HD-PVR and SageTV, but no luck. HD-PVR records TS files, but in AVC (MPEG4), whereas the JVC will only accept MPEG2.
- Tried transferring high definition footage from my Canon HV40 MiniDV/HDV camcorder, unfortunately I get slight blocking noise and stuttering. Oddly, I don’t get this behavior when transferring miniDV. I’d heard that the HV40 combined audio/video bit rate slightly exceeds the JVC's max bit rate of 28.2 Mbps, but cannot verify this to be true.

So, I don’t get it. I keep hearing about people archiving high definition material on D-VHS, either directly from an STB or using CAP-DVHS or DVHS Tool. Short of getting a retrofit STB like 169Time, how is one supposed to get high definition material onto the tape?
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I have the JVC 30K, 40K, 400, and 100. None except the 100 has a digital tuner.
These decks all require a functional firewire interface for recording HD material.
I dont think DTV ever offered a STB with firewire out with HD capability?
These decks work fine with a cable DVR like a motorola DVR.
So your choice of DTV is a problem, not withstanding their PQ.

Suggestion-while using CapDVHS make sure the ts's are constant bitrate (null packets as necessary) and the correct byte size is specified.
TS packets should be 188 bytes, as I recall - not 192.

I have numerous devices connected over a firewire network including multiple tuners, AVHDD's, DVHS's, STB DVR's, etc....

I now use OS-X and apple has a really nice Firewire SDK and tools (VirtualDVHS, AVCVideoCap, etc...) and have not used CapDVHS in probably 2 years.

You did not mention what OS you are using: XP, Vista 32/64, Win7 32/64, Win8 32/64.
I presume you are using a 32 bit OS? There were issues with the Vista firewire stack from what I remember and I think some non-XP versions of Windows need to downgrade the firewire stack to work with stability transporting mpeg2-ts. There are threads here about it.

Please post more details.
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For OTA HD recording to any of my DVHS decks I can use my Samsung SIR-T165 tuner, it has firewire connections and controls the timer recording events. I also have several older TV's with firewire that can do the same, one of them also has a cable card so I can record most HD programs that cable co. provides. You can usually find the Samsungs on Ebay but they were only manufactured in 2002 and 2003 so some of them may be worn out.
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Yes, I used to have a comcast stb with firewire which I could use to record high def signals that are in the clear. But there isn't much clear programming I want to record. DirectTV's PQ is so far superior to comcast that being able to record clear signals is not worth the trade-off. HD-PVR pretty much solves all my recording needs. Too bad about google trashing Sage. Bastards!!!

My O/S is XP SP3, 32-bit.

The boxes in "Settings" in CAP-DVHS that are checked are the following:
x convert 188 bytes
x check PTS
x delete to synch byte

All other boxes are unchecked. All settings are the default setting.

I'm not sure there is anything more I can add.
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