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Originally Posted by bruce24 View Post
I few times now I have had an issue were a show I scheduled to record doesn't show up under recordings on the X1 DVR or satellites, but does show up when I look at recordings on my tablet. Has anyone else seen this?


I have experienced this also. Sometimes it is the reverse where it doesn't show on the tablet but it is on the DVR. I called Comcast a couple of times. Each time they claimed that they would research it and call back. That was a few weeks ago and I am still waiting.
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Originally Posted by spar10s93 View Post
I'm wondering if anyone has experience with activation issues specific to Comcast X1 companion boxes. I have 3 X1 boxes: 1 main and 2 companion. I have 1 companion box that I haven't been able to get working.

I've tried all the basic troubleshooting with the jokers at Comcast tech support (tier 1). All the basics are covered: no coax issues, HDMI issues, and I've had the box replaced. The other boxes work on the outlet I'm using so I know I have adequate signal. I've also tried the box in question on other working outlets in the house. No change.

When I power on the non-working box I get "XFINITY" in red letters on the TV for about 3 seconds. It goes to either a black or gray screen. The lights on the box (model RNG 150N) light up in sequence from: Remote to Data to Record. The box is then unresponsive. The only action I can take is to unplug it. When I plug it back in the same cycle continues.

I've spent 8 hours on the phone with the clowns at Comcast...nuff said.

Any insight?
We had the same issue. We had the Comcast installer come back and she replaced the slave box. Then they sent out a technician who said all the wiring in our condo complex was too old for the X1 system and had to be replaced. The wiring subcontractor was next, he said the wiring was fine it was in the connectors used 30 years ago. He changed the connectors.
Our problem, when we turned on the slave box and tv in the morning, it would not connect to Comcast. After several calls to Comcast, and them telling us to unplug the slave and reconnect, we did it automatically every morning. But, I wanted to find out the problem. Luckily, when installer and technicians came, they left a card with the supervisor's email and phone number.
When the tech support hung up on me, and I finally cooled off, I called the supervisor. He did not respond. So, three days later I wrote an angry email to him and his boss, both names are on the card. Within 10 minutes, I had a call from a senior tech. She arranged to be at the condo the next morning. She admitted that this is a common fault of the slave. She took the HDMI cables off and replaced with red, yellow and white connectors (i think they are RCA?). Slave has worked ever since.
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