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moonbeam13's Avatar moonbeam13 07:24 PM 03-07-2013
Comcast is my cable provider and I have a Motorola dct6412 cable box they brought when they installed the cable in my home a few years ago.
The cable box has started making this clicking noise that happens on and off all the time now. Do you think this is the hard drive going bad?? I don't want to pay for a housecall to have them come and "diagnosis" if this is what it is. I'd just like to take it over to Comcast here in town and exchange it out. But I've heard sometimes they won't let you do that and tell you to take the box back home and set up an appt for them to come to the home. What do you all think??

Sonyad's Avatar Sonyad 06:01 PM 03-16-2013
If I have a bad box, I go to my local office and switch it, no problem. If it's a few years old there are probably better boxes available. Call tech support, they can usually figure out what's wrong from their end, if knowledgeable. In all my years with Comcast, I've only had one needed service call that didn't involve an new installation/wiring and I wasn't charged for it.
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