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ElCoyoteSurvives 07-01-2013 12:41 PM

The other day I had a power outage. When power came back on, the Pal booted to black screen. Setup Wizard>Point Antenna showed 0 strength on all frequencies (later trials sometimes showed a ridiculous number like 22055). Press Continue => no channels found, back to Setup Wizard. 'Cancel' button is grayed out. No way out of this loop. Soft boot with the remote puts me right back in the Setup Wizard with 'Cancel' grayed out. Catch-22. Can't look at my recordings. Can't power off. Can't do factory reset. Can't do anything except stay in the Setup Wizard. Even pulling the plug and plugging back in makes no difference. Swapping antennas made no difference.

I had this problem several times some months ago and ended up just waiting several days for it to acquire the signal. Does anybody know a quicker way to get this out of the Setup Wizard and back to normal? This is one of the first DTVPal DVRs sent out, F208. Aside from this issue, it has been working. A slightly newer Pal recovered just fine after the power outage.

JoeKustra 07-01-2013 01:00 PM

Better help can be found here:




Just cut and paste.

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