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Originally Posted by JHBrandt View Post
As for finding the bad station, it's easier if the time is wrong. Just tune to each station and check the time. If it's wrong, that's the bad one! (For example, in the DFW area, I find channel 31 is off by over an hour.)

The same thing should work for the date, but since its time is correct, I guess you'd have to check the EPG on each station to see if the date is off.

Either way, most of your stations should be correct, so just avoid leaving the HW tuned to the bad station once you figure out which one it is.
I'm not sure my system is acting as should.
I can check the date/time on every channel, leaving it there for 10 mins and it never changes.
The time is correct but the date acts as if not set by the station otherwise all channels in Atlanta area are off the date, which I dont believe.

I think I might have to downgrade my firmware. So far I haven't seen any comments on my posting that my firmware did not have a version like previous postings, but has a date/time stamp as the version. I'm wondering if this has something to do with.
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Unfortunately, you could be right that it's a newly-introduced firmware bug. It's very unlikely that every station in Atlanta is broadcasting the same incorrect date.

If the error is consistent (say, dates are always 5 days off), you could try just working around the problem by scheduling your recordings accordingly (i.e., set the program to record on the date the HW thinks it is, not the date it actually is).

Regarding firmware updates, Mediasonic has pretty much stopped releasing them due to all the different hardware versions and the possibility of disabling a box by loading incompatible firmware. So you may be better off just complaining to Mediasonic. If there is a new bug, they need to get the developer to fix it anyway, and they'll probably post the fix for everyone else who got the buggy firmware version.

But if you want to try new firmware anyway: first, request the QAM-enabled version of your firmware from Mediasonic. You don't really need QAM capability, of course; but you need a firmware version you can fall back to if you try firmware that doesn't work, and requesting a QAM version is the easiest way I know of to get it.

Then, since it's so hard to get different HW firmware versions, your best bet is probably iView firmware version V1, V2, or V3. These versions are for the newer MStar demod chip used in the newest iViews and HW's. (The developer reset the version numbers back to V1 for this "generation" of firmware.) The firmware is free and can be downloaded from this link (don't worry about the sex chat ads; the file is fine. Zippyshare has to pay the bills somehow): http://www71.zippyshare.com/v/79955630/file.html - but you'll need an iView remote to use it. You can buy one from iView for $10 at this link: http://www.iviewus.com/index.php/con...3500stbii.html. (You may prefer the iView remote over the HW remote anyhow. I do.) Of course, if it doesn't work and you switch back to the HW firmware, you'll switch back to the HW remote too.

Proceed at your own risk. Both myself and others have used iView firmware on the HW without any serious issues, but to my knowledge, not yet with your version of the HW. Until someone tries it, no one can be sure it'll work. The main incompatibilities we've found are: 1) the HW's front-panel channel up/down buttons won't work - you have to use the remote; 2) you lose control of the HW's RF output; and of course 3) you need the iView remote.
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