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djb5f 08-12-2013 12:38 PM

I have had two Motorola HD DVRs from Verizon since 2007 and was always disappointed they only held about 21 hours of HD content.

Well, I just replaced one that had been rebooting a lot more no reason and in its replacement, I got one that now holds something like 80-90 hours of HD content. There was no upcharge for expanded hard drive or anything like that.

Did I just get lucky or do they all hold that amount these days and I should replace my other one too? Sorry, don't have the Model # infront of me.

djb5f 08-12-2013 12:43 PM

Found this on the interweb (I wonder if it was a mistake that I got the 7232 model instead of a 7216 or if that is standard now??)...

the Motorola manual notes record times as such

7216 = 160 gb

7232 = 500 gb

cisco dvr = 500 gb

Motorola Guide
Table 1 – DVR Recording Time Guidelines
Internal Drive Estimated Recording Hours For:

Size Standard Digital Channels HDTV Channels
160 GB 55 to 100 14 to 21
250 GB 80 to 150 20 to 30
320 GB 110 to 210 30 to 45
500 GB 175 to 222 45 to 73

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