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Originally Posted by RDHolmes View Post
I think that the Cable card is the problem. Who provides that?

If tuning adapters were reliable and could be counted on to run for Months without rebooting there would really not be a problem. I don't have any experience with the Motorola TA. However, the Cisco TA seems to hang after a period of time. The length of time seems to be associated with the number if tuning requests. Probably a memory leak. Since vendors such as Cisco never seem to run their products for long periods of time without rebooting it is unlikely that the problem will be found and fixed.

My method of coping with the problem is rebooting the Cisco TA every 45 to 6o days.
All cable cards are two-way capable. The device itself is always the issue. There might be a good reason TiVo doesn't support it, and there might not be. I do know it's not the cable card though.

I've got a Cisco TA, and it stops working around every 4 weeks for me too. Seems to be most likely to happen when I leave the TA on a SDV channel before going to bed. About 75% of the time, just unplugging the TA will fix the problem. The other 25% of the time I have to unplug both the TA and the TiVoHD and then plug them back in (my Tivo hasn't been able to do boot up after a soft reboot in years). Not an ideal solution, and one that causes no amount of frustration when my wife encounters blank channels. If you've got a Roamio and are still having the same problems with the TA it doesn't inspire much confidence.
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Originally Posted by spincut View Post
The MAIN reason the ads annoy me (aside from not really being relevant to my interests) is that they are at times in the way. I want to strangle whomever took Charmins money to make an extra CATEGORY on the main menu, meaning if I want to turn my tivo off (aka standby), which I can do without a screen (tivo button, page down, select, page down, select), it suddenly DOESNT do because I accidentally hit the ad (that I'm not even viewing anyway). Tivo seems to switch from having the ad there to somewhere else. I know the Roamio is newish still, but this kind of pathetic that they have to widget it in like that. It's a good thing I like Charmin because it almost makes me want to NOT buy any product advertised that way, if at least to prove a point (advertising stuff in such an annoying way has the exact opposite effect that's intended on the consumer).

Anyway, with that rant being said, the idea of them trying to monetize with ads does not bother me. My crappy 10 year old comcast Scientific Atlanta DVR had it's crappy software effectively upgraded to new Xfinity crappy software so banner ads could be added to every guide page (and selectible like a channel...often happening by accident). I know this sounds like a heavy lowering of the bar, but the fact remains that beyond some really ignoramic design issues as to how they place their ads, the idea that the Roamio has a few, comparatively, isn't THAT big of a deal (especially given older/crappier DVR's do it, not to mention my Plasma TV has ads too I noticed...).

In summary, I dont like it, but all Tivo REALLY should be doing is fixing where they put those ads, because adding it to the main menu on the bottom at random is incredibly in the way.
There is no point in putting a tivo on standby, all that does is stop the image from outputting. The tivo is still on, it doesnt decrease power consumption, the drive is still buffering and recording.
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Originally Posted by Aero 1 View Post
There is no point in putting a tivo on standby, all that does is stop the image from outputting. The tivo is still on, it doesnt decrease power consumption, the drive is still buffering and recording.
While I don't use standby and as you mention it still records and buffers. Putting the TiVo in standby can prevent the EAS(Emergency Alert System) tests from interrupting recordings. Some areas have the tests done alot and also during prime time. So it will screw up any recording occurring at the time.

Since the recording goes to the EAS screen for a few minutes and you will miss that part of the show. In standby it is not supposed to be affected by it.

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Originally Posted by aaronwt View Post
well at least the Summer update is rolling out to the people who signed up for early access.
Just got my Roamio Pro. To what does the above post refer, please?


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