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basementdweller1's Avatar basementdweller1 05:36 PM 08-28-2013
I have an X1 install in 10 days and have a question about my setup.

I will have TWO Comcast X1 DVRs (one for master bedroom, one for family room) and TWO satellite boxes on other tvs. I have been told by Comcast phone reps that the satellite boxes can only view recordings from ONE of the hub DVRs and the other X1 DVR will essentially be a standalone, unable to see anything other than what it records directly and unable to send out anything it records to the other boxes. While that is still acceptable to me it seems reading the forums it is actually untrue.

So... in my setup is there a way to get all four boxes, 2 DVRs and 2 satelittle boxes to ALL be able to share content? I would LOVE to be able record something on one DVR and see it on the other DVR for example and to have both satellite boxes be able to view content recorded on either DVR...

I just want to know what is possible so that I can be sure the installer sets it up correctly...

(PS: really excited about X1 replacing my current setup of 3 standalone DVRs and 1 HD box.)

basementdweller1's Avatar basementdweller1 05:48 PM 08-28-2013
Sorry I see the dedicated X1 thread would be a better place for this, if a mod can delete this or point in the right direction for deleting it myself I will do so. Thanks.
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