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spinner456's Avatar spinner456 11:15 AM 09-25-2013
I have the AVerMedia AVerTV USB HD DVR, and the software that comes with it, Total media extreme 2, is horrible.It screws up the duration of my videos.I'll record an hour long show, and when I click on it windows will show it as being 22:45:09, or something like that.Sometimes it freezes and becomes unresponsive and I can't close it....not even through task manager.I have to shut down my computer to finally get it to stop.I bought this to offload recordings that I wanted to save from my DirecTV DVR, but i've had it with this software.I need someone to please tell me if there is some good software out there to this that will work with this capture card, or if there is some kind of updated version of this software that isn't a nightmare.

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