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etete 01-03-2014 08:18 PM

Done a fair bit of research and it looks like the MDP-100 can only be used with their proprietary software. I was hoping there might be some work-around available that I've missed?

Now, if I'm stuck with having to purchase a new card to use with WMC can anyone recommend one that will allow me to capture all the same Comcast cable channels that I currently do while using CapDVHS? With CapDVHS I have no problem recording non-encrypted channels from 2-900. Since, over the years, I was never able to capture any of these extended channels using the MDP-100 card I'm still not even sure if WMC combined with a tuner card will allow this spectrum?

To be a bit more precise I'm simply looking for the ability to schedule and capture unencrypted channels from 2-900 for archiving purposes. I have no need for built-in encoding nor would there be any special video-out requirements as a true HTPC is not my intention. Suggestions and insight much appreciated regarding tuner and possibly even more appropriate software for my meager needs.

ddoxsee 01-03-2014 11:04 PM

For pure unencrypted cable in WMC I'd suggest Silicon Dust HDHR's. HDHR's give you two network tuners for clear QAM or ATSC but they don't actually "plug in" to your PC. But if you have any fears of your channels becoming encrypted (and you should) I'd suggest Avermedia's HDPVR. 


The Avermedia product does require that you have component output on your Cable box, but it does have the ability to control the Cable box so it can record whatever you can get output to the component connection up to 1080i. This kind of setup also requires a PC just like the HDHR's do, but it plug's into the PC directly over USB.


Last up would be a "standalone" unit like a TIVO or at the other end of the spectrum a iView-3500STB II. Price and features are very different between the two, but you can read up on them on this forum if your interested.

etete 01-07-2014 07:06 PM

Much appreciate the informative reply ddoxsee!

I'll definitely research 3 distinct options you highlighted and review the hardware/software capabilities. Your insight provides a good springboard which I'm sure will no doubt generate additional questions as I look into it further.

etete 01-08-2014 02:16 PM

Having looked at the suggestions provided I'm thinking even the lesser of the bunch - Silicon's HDHR's and Avermedias HDPVR's - may be more than I require as network streaming or use as a cable box replacement is not my intention. Poking around I see Avermedia's AVerTVHD Duet PCTV tuner (sadly could be a discontinued item) looks to be a more direct replacement for my current firewire/CapDVHS digital cable capture solution. What I'd appreciate insight on is if this product, when combined with WMC and a direct cable connection, should allow me to capture all that the noted current combination will (unencrypted channels 0-900)? The AverTVHD also should give the ability to capture/record the stream raw with no re-encoding whereas some of the external boxes seem to do that without option.

*EDIT* -- I just noticed I could get the HomeRunHD Dual for $54 (refurb) which would basically offer the same functionality as the AverTVHD Duet. The considerations here would be that HomeRunHD Dual offers a networking option but with the disadvantage of being an external component with the addition of yet another power adapter. Almost a wash but I think I'd still go with the internal tuner if I get a thumbs-up on the question posed earlier.

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