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amkazen 01-06-2014 11:58 AM


I need some hand-holding here. Can someone tell me specifically what equipment I need to buy to do the following? I would like to spend as little as possible, and I need something simple to operate. We are not into configuring, etc. so we are looking for a simple plug-n-play.
a. Get TV on a Epson front projector mounted to my theater room ceiling. I have an Onkyo Integra 5.5 receiver as the main integrator.
b. I am OTA as we dropped DirecTV about 18 months ago

a. Record one TV show 2x per week
b. Have the ability to view the recording on a separate LED TV upstairs in a different room

a. I am looking to buy a Samsung UN-40EH5300 LED TV to replace the current Polaroid LCD/DVD player combo unit due to decreased power consumption of the LED TV. But, I will lose the DVD player by purchasing the Samsung so a Blu-ray player is also to be purchased. However, all Blu-ray players stream now, i.e., have Internet connectivity, so why would I buy a Smart TV also? Isn’t this duplicating unnecessarily, or spending more money than needed, having two products connected to each other that do the same?

Thanks for specifically telling me what equipment I should get. I did not think it would be as confusing as it is to drop DirecTV and go OTA. DirecTV really had it dialed in with their whole house DVR system but the cost of over $100 per month was crazy for the amount of TV we watched (1 show, 2x per week, and Redbox, Jan – May, then 98% Redbox and personally owned DVD movies the rest of the time). I could record a show using the DirecTV DVR in the bedroom upstairs and watch it on either the theater downstairs or on the LCD TV in the bedroom upstairs, or be downstairs and schedule a recording on the DVR sitting in the bedroom upstairs and again watch it in either room, and my projector had TV as DirecTV had a tuner for it in the theater room. But, since I went OTA…the theater room is exclusively used for movies, which is not a bad thing, but we would like to use it for our TV show also.

Again, thanks!

mdavej 01-06-2014 04:23 PM

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Cheapest option would be 2 iView or Homeworx DVRs @ $40 each plus a hard drive (or thumb drive) for each. Next would be a tuner like the HD Homerun for you PC ($100) plus an extender (Ceton or Xbox for $100) at your 2nd TV. The most expensive option would be Tivo lifetime plus a box at the 2nd TV ($500+). I have a system like the second option and highly recommend it because of the quality, ease of use and flexibility. There several ways to do the PC option, like Windows Media Center (WMC), XBMC, etc. I use WMC myself. If you should ever get cable, you can keep using WMC or Tivo.

BD player does duplicate your smart TV. But you can't get a player without streaming. However, you can buy a non-smart TV. So to save $100 and avoid duplication, you should look at the non-smart TV option. Or just live with the duplication if you heart is set on that particular model.

Good luck

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