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New thread for support of SK-903H based boxes.

There is a new firmware V6 that replaces the V4 from the factory.

Corrects the original factory V4 firmware bugs that add 5 days to a daily and weekly timer event,
Adds the Daylight Savings Time option,
Allows use with computer formatted NTFS discs.

But EPG only shows info for current and next program

Contains the logo for the Lutema AirTV but also works with the more common Axess CB-3001, I have tested it on that box.
After upgrade remote control, front panel light and buttons function properly.

Most likely also works with the Supersonic ikonvert SC-57 box, but I cannot personally verify this so if you own a SC-57 please post your system info screen here first for comparison with HW version.

SK-903H based boxes

Axess CB-3001


Sunkey SK-903H

Also SUSPECTED of being SK-903H based
Supersonic ikonvert SC-57
see page 25 of catalog

Axess CB-3001 V4 factory firmware system info

Lutema AirTV V4 factory firmware system info

V6 firmware upgrade system info

Notice both factory firmware screens state

model sk-903 v1.1
hw version AC_3721_V1.0

sw versions
50USAAXSV04 AXS = Axess

Only difference I could find is the boot screen logos

AirTV board

Axess CB-3001 board

Notice the same build on both boards
SK-903 V2.0
AC_3722 V1.0

This box uses the MSTAR MSD7816 chip like the Iview 3500stb, Home HW150PVR, Ematic at103b, ViewTV AT-163, Proscan PAT-102, QFX CV-100, Stellar Labs DT-1200, Stellar Labs DT-800, Naxa NT-52, Supersonic ikonvert SC-56 and SC-58. But there are many hardware and software differences to consider. Only the new version of the Iview 3500stbii with the ch 3/4 switch uses the same msb1237 demodulator chip so the original iview and homeworx firmwares are not compatible with the sunkey boxes because they used a samsung S5H1411 demod chip.

front and back of remote control for CB-3001 and AirTV same remote board also used for NT-52, DT-1200

remote key pad next to SL DT-1200 remote which uses same remote board but different keypad.

This same style remote is used for the ematic at103b but the remote board is programmed differently and thus only about 2/3 of the keys are identical.

The best feature of this box is that you can operate the Axess CB-3001 in the same environment as the Iview 3500stbii and the Homeworx HW150PVR since the three remotes operate on independent and non conflicting remote codes. Of course if this is your objection you could also go with the Ematic AT103B which comes with corrected firmware right out of the box.

Instructions to use file

Proceed to menu > system > Restore Factory Default password 888888

Copy the "usb_upgrade_all_flash.bin” to a FAT32 formatted drive.
Insert drive to converter box
Proceed to menu > system > software udate
Select “usb_upgrade_all_flash.bin”
Wait for update to proceed to blue screen and 100% complete message.
Do Not power off during this time.
Receiver will reboot once update is completed

Proceed to menu > system > Restore Factory Default password 888888

V06 corrects the following

Daily and weekly recordings bugs
Midnight recording bug
Daylight Saving time option
NTFS pre-formatted drive now accepted for recording

Update will change the boot up screen to airtv

Caution EPG is not working properly in V6 .

There appears to be some bug in the V6 EPG which does not work for the full 7 days like it did in V4. Now it only shows 1 hr worth of info and displays the correct time/date but the wrong date for the info subtracting 5 days.

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Below is what was labeled usb_upgrade_all_flash file. The 'bin' file is not needed. 3028k .zip file

.Corrected attachment file
Attached Files
File Type: zip (2.96 MB, 975 views)

Free, abundant OTA television separates this country from many others. ATSC1 has only been in force since 2009. The wireless industry has enough spectrum. Enough of 'planned obsolesce'.
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Hmmm,  those screens look awfully familiar.


Are these boxes yet more clones like the iView and Homeworx boxes?


Edit: Yes, I see now that they are

Cable-free since Nov 2013
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Originally Posted by videobruce View Post
Corrected attachment file
fyi: current shipping model of SunKey sk-903h is still buggy v4 version, but the Lutema Air v6 firmware corrects the things I care about. Happy with the resulting Franken-box.
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If you look on the motherboard, right next to the flash 8-pin SPI chip are 4 pins that don't have header--that is a serial port. The TX line is number 4 and the RX line is pin3. Use 115.2kbaud 8,N,1 settings and expect to see a lot of output on box boot-up. One line in the output should say "hit any key to stop boot"--if you do get to it in time you will drop into a monitor program and you get more commands if you hit ? or help. On a MStar box I have that is for satellite DVB-S2 signals I see the following in response to help:

? - alias for 'help'
do Lzma for compress image
base - print or set address offset
bdinfo - print Board Info structure
boot_logo - Logo display
bootm - boot application image from memory
cmp - memory compare
coninfo - print console devices and information
cp - memory copy
cpmsbin - Copy ms bin file (Chakra) from nand to dram
crc32 - checksum calculation
cusid check the image is release by the valid guys
dcache - enable or disable data cache
dmx_init - initialize the demux setting
dmx_init - initialize the demux setting
draw_pixel - draw a pixel with color
draw_string - draw string with color
draw_rect - draw rect with color
draw_string - draw string with color
du - Disable UART
env2flash - read environment parameter file and restore it to flash
envbin - read out environment parameter and store it to usb disk
erase - erase FLASH memory
fatinfo - print information about filesystem
fatload - load binary file from a dos filesystem
fatls - list files in a directory (default /)
fatwrite - write binary file to a dos filesystem
flinfo - print FLASH memory information
go - start application at address 'addr'
help - print online help
loop - infinite loop on address range
md - memory display
mm - memory modify (auto-incrementing)
mstar - update kernal & root file system automatically by script file
mtest - simple RAM test
mw - memory write (fill)
ustar - update kernal & root file system automatically by script file
nm - memory modify (constant address)
ostar - update kernal & root file system automatically by script file
oad_get_size - Get the file size from OAD download
osd_create - create osd layer
osd_destroy - destroy osd layer
pnlinfo - set panel info and save to nand flahs
printenv- print environment variables
protect - enable or disable FLASH write protection
reset - Perform RESET of the CPU
run - run commands in an environment variable
saveenv - save environment variables to persistent storage
set_paneltype [type] - Set Mboot panel type and store the type value in env
setenv - set environment variables
spi_dma - SPI copy data from flash to DRAM by PIU DMA
spi_ea - SPI erase all
spi_eb - SPI erase block
spi_gfo - SPI get flash info
spi_gr - SPI get Chip Rev
spi_id - SPI read ID
spi_in - SPI initialization
spi_r - SPI read commands
spi_rb - SPI read buffer
spi_rdc - SPI read code from SPI flash to DRAM
spi_rs - SPI read status
spi_w - SPI write commands
spi_wb - SPI write buffer
spi_wp - SPI write protect
spi_wrc - SPI write code from DRAM to SPI flash
sspi - SPI utility commands
sysinfo - set system info and save to nand flahs
tuner_demodtype - set frontend type
tuner_init - frondend initialization
tuner_tune - tune RF to check lock or not
usb - USB sub-system
ustar - update kernal & root file system automatically by script file
usbboot - boot from USB device
ustar - update kernal & root file system automatically by script file
version - print monitor version
<< MStar >>#

BTW I disassembled the above usb file and the structure is very similar to my satellite box's code. They have a common register for serial transmit: 0xBF201300

The logo is jpg and is easy to extract and view--in the usb file look around 0x70000 it is 0xb054 bytes in size.

The main sw is lzma compressed and there is a tool that is in the 7-zip SDK that can un-pack it.
The boot is in two parts--the first is bfc00000 and executes in flash, the second is moved to RAM for execution at 0x81000000 0x9150 bytes are moved starting at bfc02df0.
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Well the combination of serial port commands, the usb start and fatwrite commands make for the easiest dump of the flash contents that I've seen since jtagging ports were not in boxes. fatwrite usb 0 0xbfc00000 fw.bin 0x400000 will give you a file named fw.bin that has the 4Meg flash contents in the usb in root directory.
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The power supply went bad on my iKonvert SC-58

Mine would not work any more. I hacked another 5 volt power supply on it and that make it worked. So I open up the power supply that came with it by hammering it open.

A capacitor in the power supply was puffed up and the outside coding ripped apart.

I unsolder it. A 10 volt 1500 U. I looked and had a 10 volt 2000 U. Solder it in and it works. That new capacitor is taller and would not fit in the case. I just made a hole in the case for the capacitor to stick out of it.

So it's fixed. I wanted to post about it if any one else has this happen to them that it my be a bad capacitor in the power supply.

-Raymond Day

Raymond J Day
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Remote for Proscan PAT-102

Has anyone had success with finding remote codes for the Proscan version of this series of Box? I have a logitech harmony remote and when I search in the Harmony database it only seems to what to pick the PAT-102B and not the PAT-102 box. I lost the remote and was hoping to just use the harmony but have been unsuccessful in getting the harmony to function with the Proscan box.

Anybody have the PAT-102 that has the ability to program the remote codes into the harmony database?

I have tried all the like boxes as options in the harmony database and none seem to be working with the Proscan PAT-102.


Thank you
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