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Kipp Jones's Avatar Kipp Jones 02:44 PM 05-04-2004
Microsoft Introduces Microsoft TV Foundation Edition 1.7, One of the First Software Platforms to Support Motorola DCT6400 Series Set-Tops With Integrated Dual-Tuner DVR and High-Definition Functionality

05/03/2004 12:07:0

NEW ORLEANS, May 3 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Today at The National Show, the National Cable & Telecommunications Association's (NCTA's) Annual Convention and International Exposition, Microsoft Corp. announced Microsoft(R) TV Foundation Edition 1.7, the latest update of its digital cable software platform and one of the first to support the Motorola DCT6412 set-top with integrated dual-tuner digital video recording (DVR) and high definition functionality. Microsoft TV Foundation 1.7 provides cable operators with a comprehensive and flexible solution to deploy, market and merchandize premium services such as video on demand (VOD) and high-definition television (HDTV), and provides some of the most advanced support for DVR available today, taking full advantage of the new dual-tuner capabilities of the Motorola DCT6400 advanced digital set-top platform. Microsoft TV Foundation Edition 1.7 will be on display at Microsoft Booth No. 2223.(Photo: ) "We are pleased to have Microsoft TV support the launch of the Motorola DCT6412 HD set-top with dual-tuner DVR," said Dan Moloney, Motorola executive vice president and president, Broadband Communications Sector. "The DCT6412 platform supports a variety of advanced applications, including Microsoft TV Foundation Edition, enabling operators to offer a single solution for such compelling entertainment options as HDTV, watch-and-record DVR and video-on-demand."Introduced simultaneously with the Motorola DCT6412 dual-tuner set-top, Microsoft TV Foundation 1.7 enables cable operators to take advantage of the latest hardware technology on the market. Microsoft TV Foundation is a powerful and flexible digital cable software platform that is designed to promote increased consumer satisfaction, loyalty and purchasing. Foundation 1.7 builds on previous versions to enable a fluid, integrated subscriber experience across broadcast, on-demand, high-definition and time-shifted content. The software features a new video window displaying background programming while consumers are viewing static or recorded screens, and the most advanced support for digital video recording available today: -- Unique video window. Foundation 1.7 features a new scaled video window showing live, delayed, recorded or on-demand programming when consumers are viewing the guide, recorded TV or informational screens on compatible set-tops. -- Dual-tuner support. Foundation 1.7 enables simultaneous recording of two programs or viewing of one live show while recording another. -- Most advanced recording options with improved smart series recording. With Foundation 1.7 consumers can save a specific number of episodes, extend the start or end times for a show, eliminate duplicate recordings, record only first-run episodes or reruns, and more. The software will automatically adjust for changes in program start times. -- Smart progress bar. Foundation 1.7 graphically displays recording and viewing progress on screen so consumers can easily see the duration of a show, how much has been recorded and the exact point at which they are currently viewing. -- Record from pause/live TV buffer. Foundation 1.7 is flexible enough to accommodate consumers who decide to record a show after they've already been watching it by saving up to 90 minutes that have already been watched. Foundation 1.7 also includes an improved Interactive Program Guide (IPG) supporting up to 14 days of listings for high-memory set-tops. With the Foundation platform, multiple service operators (MSOs) also can offer games and information services, including local news, weather and sports content, bringing new benefits to consumers. The Foundation platform is customizable by the MSO and scales from today's thin-client, high-definition and/or DVR-enabled set-top to future-generation devices, providing a consistent consumer experience in which cable operators can promote services as their digital video offering evolves."Microsoft TV is proud to be one of the first to market with support for the Motorola DCT6412," said Moshe Lichtman, corporate vice president of the Microsoft TV Division at Microsoft. "Working with such key partners as Motorola, Microsoft TV continues to deliver on our promise to continually create new value for network operators and advance the market through innovative software that enhances and simplifies the consumer television experience."Microsoft TV Foundation version 1.7 is Microsoft's fourth DVR product, and the third with dual-tuner digital video support. It will be commercially available this summer.About the Microsoft TV PlatformMicrosoft TV provides software solutions that help pay-TV operators create new services that delight consumers and derive more value from digital video investments. The Microsoft TV product family supports a range of digital video services including interactive program guides, digital video recording, high-definition TV and on-demand programming. The Microsoft TV platform works across a full range of set-top boxes and TV devices. More information about Microsoft TV can be found at . About MicrosoftFounded in 1975, Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.NOTE: Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp. in the United States and/or other countries.The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners. CONTACT: press only, Microsoft TV Team at Weber Shandwick Seattle,, or Web site: Web site:

fender4645's Avatar fender4645 03:47 PM 05-04-2004
Do we know if any cable company has commited to using this? I know Comcast is testing Microsoft products in a very select area. I've heard the IPG is so cool that even rivals Tivo. However, isn't this "transformed" WebTV group who developed this...
DaveFi's Avatar DaveFi 04:54 PM 05-04-2004
Ah, I just got through posting how the move to Moxi by Comcast was prompted by how much the TV Guide PVR Software sucks.

It doesn't seem likely Comcast will offer two different PVRs. So is it Moxi vs Microsoft? It's win/win for Motorola.

Geez, I think I'll pick up some Motorola stock.
bfdtv's Avatar bfdtv 05:24 PM 05-04-2004
Motorola's success or lack thereof isn't going to hinge on sale of a few extra STBs.

As far as Microsoft, I haven't heard any major cable company express a significant interest in licensing that STB software. I suspect there's a lot more at issue than the merits of the software.
Ken H's Avatar Ken H 05:47 PM 05-04-2004
Originally posted by DaveFi

It doesn't seem likely Comcast will offer two different PVRs.
Why not?
DaveFi's Avatar DaveFi 06:09 PM 05-04-2004
It certainly would be interesting if they do. Comcast is trying to make all their regions uniform, services and hardware both.

I could see them offering 2 PVR product if they could charge significantly more for one.

It seems Moxi and Microsoft are in direct competition with each other.

I really hope we will eventually be able to buy our own box.
Kipp Jones's Avatar Kipp Jones 07:42 PM 05-04-2004
Originally posted by Ken H
Why not?
I agree and hope they do, its all about the options for me. :cool: :cool: :cool:
shannonv's Avatar shannonv 10:54 PM 05-07-2004
Well, now that we're finally public about this I can come out. I work on this product and I have a 6412 on my desk (and there are others in my team too). I was one of the people demoing this product at NCTA earlier this week.

I can't speak to particular business negotiations but I hope to have good news to report in the coming months. Everyone on the team is working extremely hard to deliver a solid release this summer.

This is not vaporware and this is not the same as the "WebTV team." Many of us come from earlier Microsoft TV/PVR efforts such as Dishplayer, UltimateTV, Media Center and others that were shelved. We're fanatics about TV software and have been doing it for quite a long time (in software terms).

As you might imagine, I can't disclose a whole lot at this point but I do read the forums here as do a number of others on my team. As non-NDA news is available, I'll post it.
bfdtv's Avatar bfdtv 11:20 PM 05-07-2004

Thanks. I'm sure many on this forum would like to see and hear more about features in MS TV Foundation 1.7 (with screenshots or a video demo), when that information is publicly disclosed.

The press release highlights the major capabilities, but I hope you guys also pay attention to the smaller details that play a significant role in overall usability -- like auto skipback for fast forward at 20x and 60x speeds, and bookmarks that remember where you left off when last viewing a recording. Moxi noted a number of these features in their DVR datasheet.
shannonv's Avatar shannonv 09:09 AM 05-08-2004
Of course. That's where using DVR for several years and developing DVR for several years are helpful.

However, do be aware that Moxi is using a different platform & firmware from Moto. On the 6400, Moto owns the firmware and the basic AV/DVR APIs we call into. While that might not seem to make much of a difference, it does impact higher level features.

We do offer resume/bookmarking.
SonomaSearcher's Avatar SonomaSearcher 09:47 AM 05-08-2004
Very cool, Shannon. We look forward to hearing more about your efforts and work product. Thanks again.
Kipp Jones's Avatar Kipp Jones 03:37 PM 05-08-2004
thanks for chiming in here. Looking forward to you contributions.
Gomboman's Avatar Gomboman 09:24 AM 05-12-2004
Very Cool. I can't wait for this. What is the real latest release date?

Kipp Jones's Avatar Kipp Jones 10:48 PM 05-29-2004
any updates???
shannonv's Avatar shannonv 12:52 AM 06-10-2004
All I can say is good progress is being made. I've been too busy working on it to post!
gaderson's Avatar gaderson 05:45 PM 06-11-2004
So, when does "Microsoft TV for Dummies" come out?

Couldn't resist.
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