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Robert Cobler's Avatar Robert Cobler 03:08 PM 04-26-2000
This is speculation based on conversations with insiders at 2 Japanese manufacturers:

1) The current and soon-to-appear HD IRD's will receive HD broadcasts OK, but are NOT designed to interface with D-VHS recorders. These designs (example: the 6000?) were started when copy-protection issues were totally up in the air. Now the manufaturers want realize some return on their investment by bringing the IRD's to market.

2) The REAL HD products, i.e., those with record capability, are now in-design and are likely targeted for end-of-the-year delivery. Reason: Agreement on 5C copy protection.

3) What about updates for the current HD models? I think one clue here would be if the current HD models have high-speed ports for interface to an external 8vsb modulator. The modulator also could be part of a STB. I doubt if the manufacturers want to do this except for possible customer backlash. Adding a data port would provide some insurance.

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