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marv 05-16-2000 03:16 PM

I found a site below which provides some interesting D-VHS
information, focusing mostly on foreign models but also some NTSC
and HD ones. I also have some links below, including a picture of the upcoming Japanese D-VHS which will record the Japanese HDTV system from satellite, as well as convert analogue tapes to D-VHS (I think-Richard is this the one you mentioned that might be out soon?):

Here is the D-VHS site: http://www.dvhs.co.uk/
I emailed the author and told him about this forum as well.

Philips VR20 D-VHS http://www-us.sv.philips.com/vision/dvhs/ http://www-us.sv.philips.com/vision/dvhs/specs.html

Also-here is another Philips model:
Philips DVR-1000 D-VHS http://www.gadgetnet.com/html/philipsdvr-1000.html

And here is a picture of the Hitachi D-VHS with sat tuner: http://www.gadgetnet.com/html/hitatchidf100.html

Here is one of many sites about the Hughes: http://www.ideamaster.com/budget/hdr205.htm
Hughes is available also at www.mcmelectronics.com

Here is a North American page that lists some D-VHS models: http://www.avhome.net/dss4u/vcvidcasrec.html

Last but not least, here is a link to an interesting thread about
D-VHS VCRS and a company that may provide a kit to modify non-Panasonic STB's to work with the PV-HD1000: http://www.delphi.com/unitymotion/me...sg=197.1&ctx=0

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