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Ken H 06-01-2000 03:46 PM

OK! I'm finally up and recording digital TV with the Panasonic combo.

The owners manual (48 page version) I have references the switch in a number of places, saying it must be in the HS or HS/STD mode for digital recording and the recording period is 2.5 hours with a DF-300 tape.

On page 34 it says in the STD mode a DF-300 tape will record for 5 hours and 2.5 hours in the HS mode.

The manual also has a black sticker on page 19 (obviously an after thought) that says when using either the 50/51 STB that the switch should be in the HS mode only.

I use the STB to control the DVHS VCR with the switch in both positions, and don't see any difference where it is set. It always records in the HS mode.

Any input regarding this would be appreciated.


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AJSJones 06-01-2000 03:55 PM

Ken, It seems that at one time during its development, the unit would allow the longer recording time but it was later disabled. As you can see the manual is a work in progress and they forgot to put the sticker over the rest of the parts that talk about this feature. I think there are a few out there that will do the longer time (Ken F?) but most won't. I also tried a variety of settings but to no avail! Ken F (I think) found tat at the lower speed , the drop-out rate was too high anyway


Ken H 06-03-2000 07:15 PM

That's what I thought.

Thanks for the info, Andy.

Don Landis 06-05-2000 07:29 PM

There are a few vintage machines that will work in the slower speed but they don't work very well. Mine will do a DFS-300 tape for 300 minutes but the dropouts are numerous and for lengthy periods of time. Panasonic explained that this was disabled in machines because it will not handle the data rate. Obviously, I don't use this mode on my machine. In full HS mode my HDTV recordings are now flawless with SVHS or DVHS tape. I have not yet experimented with standard VHS tape with the SVHS hole punched out.

Don Landis
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Ken H 06-06-2000 09:36 AM

I'm getting good results in HS mode, using either SVHS or DVHS tape with one exception. I have a case of Maxell XR-S Black ST-180 which has been inconsistent, sometimes it works for DVHS, sometimes not. I am guessing it's the tapes inability to get enough of the DVHS datastream, due to less magnetic paint/binder on the thinner tape.

This is somewhat of an educated guess, as I used to work for a large magnetic (professional videotape) products company.

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