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mmburke 08-28-2000 02:56 PM

Is there any way at all to get the panasonic to work with dtc-100?

Bill 08-29-2000 06:21 PM

I believe if you subscribe to dish programming you get HD-HBO/SHO for free at this time. Probably won't last or they ended it. I don't have Dish, can't say for sure.


Don Landis 08-29-2000 06:33 PM

Do you like watching led lights with all that fancy equipment? Ya get what ya pay fer.

Seriously, why don't you hook up your tuner to the mod output and let us know if you actually get a picture or a message to call and order with an otherwise black screen. I already subscribe so I can't test it out!

Don Landis
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zootie 08-29-2000 07:37 PM

One question I have about the 5000+modulator is if other channels are sent through the modulator in Standard Definition. I'm more interested in recording other channels (if I want a HD movie on HBO or SHO HD, I think I rather get a DVD), mostly series or special programs (some to store, some just for time shifting). It was my understanding that the modulator would send over all channels using the closest ATSC format (depending on the source). Is this correct? In general, are all channels send to the OTA receiver with higher quality that using S-VHS? I'm planning to use a WinTV-D card to record the incoming ATSC signal (either using the WinTV recorder SW, if it ever comes out, or using SW MPEG-2 VCR).


Don Landis 08-30-2000 12:35 AM

The modulator only outputs 8VSB from the two HD channels on Dish. All other channels are blank and do not output from the HD modulator. There is a second RF out jack on the 5000 receiver itself that would output a standard RF TV signal from the non HD channels on channel 3 or 4. You could try this output but my guess is that it would not afford a digital recording on the panasonic tuner in analog mode. ( I have not tried it because it makes no sense that it would do all the necessary steps to generate an encoded MPEG2 stream with DD encoding from the analog video/audio signals in that tuner.) You'd have a better quality signal going S-video with the stereo audio to the panasonic PVHD1000 in SVHS mode than the RF out. I also know that the PVHD1000 does not record digital video unless the signal comes from an 8VSB source through the tuner by way of the special firewire cable.
Consider this setup an HDTV recording/playback system or just an SVHS standard recorder. There is no conversion from SDTV to DVHS recording that I know of from the Dish 5000.

Recording off the air: In this case if you have alocal station transmitting DTV you can tune to that station with the Panasonic DST50/51 and then you can record in D-VHS whether it is an HDTV channel or a 480i channel and probably everything in between.

Recently available on the market are some SD DVHS recorders that, AFIK, will record DVHS from an S-video in stereo only. You may wish to check these out for your needs.

I think I covered just about all your options. Unfortunately, the DVHS options are quite limited at this time. The format is quite new and the lack of an agreed copy protection scheme for over several years has kept the lid on this great recording format. IMO this DVHS format is the best of the best for quality in the home video market.

Don Landis
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Joe Q 08-30-2000 03:21 AM

A bit of a correction. The HD1000 is not an SVHS recorder. It accepts video from either its composite input or its firewire connection.
As an analogue recorder, it's quality is the same as a regular VCR ie. cruddy. I have both the HD1000 and an SVHS recorder. I use the HD1000 solely for digital recording off of the DST51 (Fire Wire connection) and the SVHS machine for Directv. It will however playback SVHS tapes recorded on my SVHS machine.

Don Landis 08-30-2000 09:59 PM

Joe Q:

Whoops! I stand corrected. My mistake! No Svhs I/O on the deck. I got so used to using svhs tape in that machine I just forgot. Like you I have a mits svhs VCR in the rack for SVHS recording and only have the firewire connection to my PVHD1000. I do have an Svideo connection from the DST50 to my line doubler for receiving non-HD but this is in no way connected to the PVHD1000 recorder. Thanks for the correction.

Don Landis
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