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Ken H 09-24-2000 02:48 PM

I've been having trouble (pixel breakup) with Maxell ST-180 SVHS tape when using it in the PV-HD1000. Has any one else tried this and what are your results?


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Aleve 09-25-2000 11:06 AM

Ken I don't have any experience with the tape you mention about. However I have used both the Maxell ST-182BQ and the JVC ST-210XG with no quality loss. You might want to run a search. If I remember right, there was a lot of talk on tapes back in Feb/March when we discussed the Panasonic's audio dropouts. The Maxell 180 may have been discussed then, but in my opinion a better choice is the 182BQ because it is supposed to be of higher quality (broadcast rather than consumer) and its less expensive.

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Ken H 09-26-2000 06:16 PM

Thanks for the feedback. I guess it's BQ for the 3 hour length, from now on.

"better living thru modern expensive electronics"

Richard Adams 09-26-2000 10:14 PM

I've found that one of my PVHD1000s is pickier about tapes while recording. This machine seems to play tapes okay, even the long ones when recorded on the other deck, but has a harder time recording to the longer length tapes. I never investigated it further.

lking9 09-26-2000 10:38 PM

Ken, I use the Maxell pro-grade ST186BQ and seems to be ok.


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