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Joe Q 10-07-2000 03:57 AM

I asked Panasonic a few questions about the NV-DHE10 D-VHS that Jaehong Lee has been kind enough to tell us about.
Quote: Panasonic NV-DHE10 is advanced machine of PV-HD1000

Here is what I asked Panasonic:
Are there any plans to offer this model for sale in the USA? Will the TU-DST51 work with the NV-DHE10?

Here is what Panasonic responded with:
No there are no plans to bring these units to the U.S. No the TUDST51 is not compatible with NV-DHE10.

The First answer I kinda expected Panasonic to say but the Second answer is disapointing.


Joe Q 10-08-2000 03:53 AM

Originally posted by Robinson:
Soon there will be other ways to record hdtv. Those guys will not be happy. They can keep there recorders in japan..we'll do it better here.
Do you have some 'inside' info that you would like to share? Like a Tivo type system?

Patrick Rogers 10-12-2000 04:30 AM

I found the JVC HR-W5 it "seems" very similar to the SR-W5U. This version does not have all the same outputs on the back, however it does have a great price, about $1300 US.

The big question will the Japanese version record HD and play it back? Are those component video ports on the back the same as the US version? They say "MUSE" right next to them.

A big reward can be yours if the answer is right. (My Tokyo source) http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

By the way the Sony widescreen LCD projector is under $5K US here.

I will post this in the HD Recorder section

I really want to buy this HR-W5 if it will work for me, thanks for any help.

Patrick Rogers

Aleve 10-12-2000 06:22 AM

Patrick I question whether the model you mention will fully record U.S. HD simply based upon the "Muse" designation -- which of course was/is Japan's previous form of analog HD. But of course, I know completely nothing about the specific model you mentioned, so take my comment with a grain of salt.

It seems that most of us on this forum have only recently begun to look oversees for possible replacements of our Panasonic combos. As such, I am only in the information gathering stage and trying to learn as much as I can. Right now I'm not sure if there are any clear cut answers as to what Pacific Rim products will function properly in the U.S.

However, assuming you are happy with the abilities of a Muse system, assuming you can find a way to input a U.S. HD signal into the unit (I'm assuming the unit might have analog component/RGB inputs? Or it might need a seperate tuner? Just don't know) and assuming you are willing to part with $1300, then I say buy it for experimentation purposes. Just be sure to let us know the results.

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Thomas Desmond 10-12-2000 01:29 PM

> Current generations of HD encoders cost in excess of 50K.
> Another comparison is that of current MPEG2 standard NTSC encoder cards - real time versions of those are still 2K-10K. And those are NOT HD.

It is worth noting that boxes like the TiVO system include real time MPEG encoding and decoding in a $399 package. Of course the quality isn't anywhere near as good as the $2-10K professional versions, but it is still quite good for home use.

That makes me believe that it will be possible to do HD encoding in home or semi-professional VCRs for much less than the $50k that professional units cost. Maybe not right now, but probably within a year or two.

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