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Jaehong Lee 10-03-2000 07:41 PM

Hi !

I finally bought and tested Hitachi HD D-DVHS DT-DR20000.
It's great machine. Look great and sound great.

It has two IEEE 1394 port ( i-link ) and record analog NTSC signal.
I can't tell any difference between original and copy . source was LD)

Funny thing is that it says 'Copy protected " to analog DVD input regardless of Macrovision.
( all Hollywood major DVDs are copy protected. some minor DVDs are OK. )
My dvd player is macro freed.

It can record any MPEG2 Transport Stream data . So it works perfectly with Panny TU-DST 50/51 .( Japanese AV magazine 'HI VI' confirm this .)

It has component input ( only pass through mode) and component output.

it records audio as MPEG-1 layer2 mode from analog source.

price would be 1800 - 2000 USD same as MV-DHE10 ( current production).

JVC and Toshiba model will be 200 $ higher.


I posted before , but erased mistakenly.

JVC will produce HD capable D-VHS machina HM-DH30000 coming December for Japanese domestic market. http://www.victor.co.jp/products/vcr/HM-DH30000.html

Interesting feature is

Built in MPEG-2 decoder, self play HD from D-VHS without help from settop box .
It has component output ( Japanese unique "D" type port : there is cable for normal 3 pin ) and optical digital output which can send AC-3, AAC, PCM.
( It's really nice to send out Dolby Digital AC-3 signal, which is very important for USA and Korean consumer )
Direct input and recording from DV-camcoder using IEEE 1394 port.

I can link panasonic TU-DST50/51 settop box without any problem.

Toshiba also released news of their first HD D-VHS machine .( I guess it's OEM of JVC)

All Japan made settopbox and D-VHS are compatible through IEEE1394 link

Jaehong Lee

dahester 10-03-2000 11:34 PM

Thanks for keeping us up to date on the latest DVHS offerings in Japan. I am excited to see this format make some progress.

I understand that these new machines can record from the Panasonic TU-DST50/51, but can they play back my current collection of DVHS movies recorded on the PV-HD1000?

Also, I am very interested in the JVC unit because it may be able to solve the classic TU-DST50/PV-HD1000 AC-3 audio dropout problem discussed elsewhere in this forum. I believe there is a flaw in the way the audio is sent in the IEEE1394 connection between the VCR and STB. The JVC, with its standalone playback capabilites, may eliminate this problem.

Keep the updates coming!

Aleve 10-04-2000 07:13 AM

I just want to second dahester comments. Thanks for keeping us up to date on what is happening in other parts of the world. It would be very interesting to hook up a DST50/51 or a PV-HD1000 to some of the HD units you've discussed over the past few weeks.

Thanks again,

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Glimmie 10-04-2000 12:34 PM

Originally posted by Jaehong Lee:
Hi !

It can record any MPEG2 Transport Stream data . So it works perfectly with Panny TU-DST 50/51 .( Japanese AV magazine 'HI VI' confirm this .)

Did you actually try this or is it just claimed in the literature.

Don Landis 10-05-2000 04:52 PM

It has component input ( only pass through mode) and component output
Now this part intrigues me. When you say component input, can you record HDTV from this or is it just a pass through with the recorder being able to interrupt it to inject its playback output.

What I would like to know is if this component input will accept an HDTV analog input from, say a DTC-100 and record that signal. It would also have to have an optical audio input for the DD5.1 or DD2.0 sound. If this recorder can record HDTV from analog sources as well as IEEE1394 from the Pana DST50 then I think we have a sale here! I also think this will be a big seller in the US.

Keep us posted!

Don Landis
Home Theater Pics at:www.scubatech.com Last updated 6/24/00

Jaehong Lee 10-05-2000 06:34 PM

Ok folk !

I 'd like to answer some points.

Hitachi HD-D-VHS has component input . but only pass through signal from
BS tuner. not for analog source input.

According to Japanese HIVI ( May,2000 issue) , Japanese maker is thinking about adapting component input which capable HD analog source. Bit it is 1-1.5 years away.

The reason is HD class MPEG-2 encoding chip is too expensive now.

The purpose of installing HD analog source input is to record Japanese Analog HI-VISION LD disk .( it was damn expensive 200$ for one HI-VISON LD. there are 50 movie tiles etc)


I don't have Panny TU-DST 50/51 . so I can't experiment whether working or not.

I can record Japanese HD material using Toshiba BS digital tuner and Hitachi HDD-VHS without any problem.

No picture and audio dropout at all.

One nice gentleman is sending 2 HD tapes movies ,recorded with Panny TU-DST 50/51 and HD1000 D-VHS.

I will let you know the result of compatibility test using Hitachi D-VHS deck.


Finally I don't know how to buy from on-line these machine.
Sorry about that.

Don Landis 10-05-2000 11:33 PM

Mr. Lee, thank you for your answer.

I hope that the analog RGBHV will someday be a reality. Having that and the IEEE1394 inputs will make a truly great HT VCR for library building.

In this country, however, you should know that we have an organization that is fighting the VCR technology. They want to outlaw VCR use by consumers. It probably won't happen but VCR maker, Panasonic has already stated they were intimidated by the tough guy threats from this organization and have pulled the manufacture and distribution of HD VCR's off the market. This is why many of us will want to be able to buy on the black market from overseas country vendors.

link to Hitachi DVHS VCR picture from Jaehong Lee:

Don Landis
Home Theater Pics at:www.scubatech.com Last updated 6/24/00

[This message has been edited by Don Landis (edited 10-06-2000).]

bb1987 10-09-2000 05:14 PM

To: Jaehong Lee
I would be interested in some Japanese HD tapes, also to test if the unit you have is compatible with the HD 1000. If you would like to trade take a look at my collection at: http://www.tpitravel.com/hdmovies.html
and email to: hdmovies@tpitravel.com


marv 10-24-2000 11:17 AM

Is there any news on the compatibility of the Hitachi
D-VHS with the Panny D-VHS? Also, what is the price
of the Hitachi in US dollars? Thanks

marv 10-24-2000 07:01 PM

Hey that was a quick response. Thanks for giving me
the update. Its still possible the Toshiba and/or JVC
Japanese models will work even if the Hitachi one doesn't.
I think JVC is part-owned by Panasonic so the chances
that it will work might be better.

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