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garyg 10-23-2000 12:52 PM

Does anyone have a good source on the web for DVHS cassettes? I used to get Maxell cassettes from The Good Guys, but they stopped carrying them...


Don Landis 10-23-2000 02:18 PM

I've been using ST-120 Fuji SVHS tape rather than DVHS. It works fine and will save you money. I buy it at tapewarehouse.com

Don Landis
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garyg 10-23-2000 02:28 PM


Any dfferences in long-term reliability of SVHS vs. DVHS tapes (i.e., dropouts, head clogging, etc.)?

I'll try SVHS tape, but it would be nice to find a source for DVHS tape as well.


Chris Gerhard 10-24-2000 08:55 AM

Tapewarehouse lists several available. I also have found that professional grade SVHS work as well but standard SVHS are hit or miss. Try the following address:

I have not ordered from them. Good luck.


Don Landis 10-24-2000 02:55 PM


I have had excellent results with standard SVHS tape. No dropouts as a result of the tape. You can use DVHS or Pro grade SVHS if you just want to throw more money at this. The main difference in Pro grade tape vs. standard consumer SVHS tape is the packaging, shell and box, label set etc. Even more expensive is the Master grade which is heavier backcoating designed to handle the rigors of editing. IMHO and professional opinion, consumer grade SVHS Fuji works very well in this application and is a good bang for the buck.

I have been buying from Tapewarehouse for awhile and find their service and pricing very good. I usually get delivery next day because they are local for UPS ground. I have to call them to request UPS ground because their web order site only seems to work for Fed EX.

Don Landis
Home Theater Pics at:www.scubatech.com Last updated 6/24/00

Joe Q 10-25-2000 01:55 AM

Thanks to Don ( a post of his awhile back), I use the ~$4 FUJI ST120 and have excellent results. I get an occasional drop out (maybe 3 or so during the whole movie) but since I see that sometimes when watching live, I am not sure that its the tape or the incoming signal. I did record the PPV of Supernova from DISH on one of my DVHS tapes cause I did not want to take any chances with a 6 buck, one time movie but even then, I had a couple of pixelated scenes for a few seconds.

Tapewarehouse is also where I get my tapes. My only complaint is that the Fedex shipping is expensive but now Don tell's us that if you call, you can get it sent UPS ground which I assume is cheaper. I will check into that on my next order - thanks for the tip Don.


Chris Gerhard 10-25-2000 04:14 AM

I too would prefer to use standard grade SVHS but my results with standard grade Fuji have not been very good. I have recently been buying used Maxell ST126BQ for $2.50 each and they have been problem free. Previously I had used Fuji H471S which were also very good but more expensive. The Fuji standard was also purchased used but the results were far from problem free. Maybe the professional grade tapes hold up better after several uses. The same used standard grade Fuji that did not work acceptably for D-VHS has been great for SVHS as I have never seen a dropout in that mode and that is how they will be used.


Don Landis 10-25-2000 08:38 AM


I must caution you about using "used" tape. With just a small price difference SVHS Used tape is just not worth it at all. There is virtually no control from tape to tape with used stock so your reports that you had problems with Fuji SVHS grade tape are only based on the point that it was used with an unkonown history. I can assure you that I have not had any problems with the Fuji "NEW" SVHS standard grade whether it be ST160's or ST120's. My track record is just over 140 ST120's now and only about 22 ST160's. I have quite a good library now, thanks to HBO and Showtime HD channels.

BTW- just in case you didn't discover this, HBO has been showing some really great movies that I never heard of in the early morning hours. Some of these are really quite good transfers and a few are pretty good stories too.

Don Landis
Home Theater Pics at:www.scubatech.com Last updated 6/24/00

garyg 10-27-2000 10:56 AM

Thanks for the tips about tapewarehouse.com. They have Maxell, JVC, and Panasonic DVHS cassettes. The Maxell and JVC tapes are $10; the Panasonic tapes are $8 but currently out of stock.


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