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tmitchmd 11-03-2000 05:43 PM

I may be able to obtain one or two of these increasingly scarce HD VCRs.Unfortunately, even the retailers are aware of the demand and will not discount significantly.
If anyone is still in need please email me. Serious inquiries only please.

Glimmie 11-06-2000 03:48 PM

I have found just the opposite with dealers. Many of them have no idea of what the firewire port is or used for. You can beat them with their own pitch. "Look, it's only a four head machine and doesn't even have VCR+".

videohot 11-06-2000 05:02 PM

I would appreciate any leads on dealers that have these in stock that might sell me one reasonably and take a phone order. If you have a phone number or adress for anyone please let me know as I am overseas and have difficulty "digging" myself for a second machine and no Kansas City area dealers have any.

Please email me directly


Larry Vale


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