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Jaehong Lee 11-09-2000 02:37 AM

With help of LG Electronics reseach lab staff, I hooked Panny TU-DST50/51 settop to Japanese HD D-VHS ( Hitachi and Japanese Domestic HD D-VHS) .

They only recognoze their presence, but can not send signal.

I have to wait and see how new JVC HD D-VHS works for ATSC HD tapes.

achase 11-09-2000 09:14 AM

MANY thanks, Jaehong! I was set to pick up the new Pani D-VHS unit when I got a note from a Japanese insider questioning the combo compatibility due to 1394-5C issues. Your post confirmed this and saved me many $$$$$!

dahester 11-09-2000 09:46 AM

Thanks for the update, Jaehong. I am still interested to see if the JVC stand-alone unit will play back ATSC tapes recorded in the PV-HD1000. My guess is it will (I believe JVC standardized D-VHS well before the 5C issue was settled).

Also, can you give us an update on the Korean STBs? Since they are going with ATSC, I may be able to supplement or replace the TU-DST50/PV-HD1000 combo with the new Korean models...in fact, I think the only compatibility issue would be if the tuner is able to pick up channels mapped onto the U.S. TV spectrum. Thanks.


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