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h2ofun 03-23-2001 12:29 PM

Okay, now that the 169 seems to be just days away, anyone have thoughts of the taping options. The D-VHS deck will allow one to use either D-VHS tape or S-VHS.

One can use either DV or DVCAM decks with the 169 DV product.
Since the main idea for HDTV is max quality, looking for quality
differences between the two. I know DV tape is more expensive but if the quality is better and lasts longer, maybe the extra cost for the tape is worth it?


Richard Adams 03-26-2001 11:09 AM

DVHS uses oxide tape. DV and Digital8 use metal tape. There is no inherent quality difference between oxide and metal in the HDTV playback audio or video, as both tapes record the same data stream.

Metal DV and Digital8 tapes provide higher density than oxide tapes. More data in less space. ME tapes are higher density than MP tapes.

There are industry source that claim that metal tape lasts longer, and that they wear less. They claim that oxide tape wears more with each playing. Tape wear is also dependant on tape machine adjustment.

Sources also claim that metal tape works better when recorded a second time. That is, with metal tape, run the whole tape though the machine by recording uneeded material on the first pass, prior to its actual expected use.

The actual results depend on tape formulation and individual tape quality control.

One important additional piece of information is to not mix brands of DV tape, as it has been said the different brands have different lubricants and that these lubricants can be incompatible with each other, leading to the formation of excessive deposits on the head and tape path. This can require professional or extensive cleaning to remedy.


"With Liberty, HDTV and Justice for all."
Richard Adams

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