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JoeFloyd's Avatar JoeFloyd 12:15 PM 03-28-2001
This thread gives a link as to where to find the card on the J&R Computer world web site.


A few notes:

This card does not output HDTV, but will receive and decode all 18 DTV formats. All formats are converted to 480i for output on the S-Video connector or 480p for display on the host PC computer monitor.

Only digital TV is output to the S-video connector.

The main aspect of this card that make it worth $50 is the ability to record and playback ATSC HDTV transport streams.

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Richard Adams's Avatar Richard Adams 01:23 PM 03-28-2001
If it records the data stream, is the file size limited by the OS or does it record multiple files?


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Richard Adams
JoeFloyd's Avatar JoeFloyd 01:33 PM 03-28-2001
Hi Richard,

I'm not certain how the files are created and managed by the software.

I know that the HiPix card creates a new file every 60 seconds.

I would assume that something similar is done with the WinTV-D capture software, but I don't have first hand experience with it. Others in the HTPC forum do own the card, perhaps asking the question in that thread would give a more definitive answer.


The software for the card allows save MPEG-2 transport stream to be sent back to the card for display. Again, this is only at 480i. It's possible that software HDTV decoders will be able to decode the files and produce true HDTV output on the computer. In fact, there are some threads on the HTPC forum where members are using software to playback captured HDTV streams, but I'm not certain what software generated the files.

Overall, you can consider this card an interesting possibility rather than a finished product. But for $50 what do you expect? http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/wink.gif

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balazer's Avatar balazer 07:35 PM 03-28-2001
I remember reading that the WinTV-D software records to a single file. That means that you are limited by your operating system and file system's maximum file size. Fat32 supports files up to 4 GB. That translates to about half an hour of ATSC recording.

Windows NT/2000's NTFS supports much larger files.

htc's Avatar htc 01:18 AM 03-31-2001
blazer, i agree, NT would be a must for that kind of recording.

ButtonPuncher's Avatar ButtonPuncher 09:01 PM 04-05-2001
Could you use a Sigma Design's REALmagic NetStream 2000 for full resolution playback?

On their website, it says that it will play back up to a 20Mbps stream. Has anyone tried this? What about with a REALmagic Hollywood Plus?

Thanks for any info.
yogaman's Avatar yogaman 09:53 PM 04-05-2001
I see that it "Plays MPEG-2 PES, Program, Transport and Multi-Program Transport streams" in the data sheet. That certainly sounds hopeful.

They even have Linux support!

I also see on pricewatch.com that it can be had for $230 from Compsource (incl shipping).

Still a little rich for me to plunge without knowing for sure.

dschmelzer's Avatar dschmelzer 02:09 PM 04-06-2001
The netstream specs say MP@ML, which isn't HD. For 720p, I guess they upconvert from 480i/p.

Look for MP@HL. Not much out there that I can find.


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boat-anchor's Avatar boat-anchor 02:19 PM 04-06-2001
Seems like we are out of luck:

From: custserv@mail.jandr.com
Subject: Item Cancelled Notice

We’re very sorry to inform you that that the following item(s) you ordered,

Order # SKU Product Name
1178302 HAU 697 HAUPPAUGE WinTV-D Digital TV Receiver for PC (North America)

have been cancelled.


From: Robert Sirignano <srs@mail.jandr.com>
Dear Valued Customer:
We had received your J&R Music & Computer World order, Invoice #:
10877571 - 1
of the (HAU 697) Hauppauge WinTV-D PCI Card, for which we thank you.

Unfortunately, due to overwhelming response and extremely limited
we must inform you that we are now out of stock of this PCI card.
Hauppauge has also discontinued that model & not replaced it with a
newer version.

Since we cannot provide this item, we have had to cancel the order.
We apologize for not being able to provide you with this item.
Since nothing had shipped out, nothing was charged to your card.
We thank you for your patience & understanding in this matter.

If you need more information, you can contact our Customer Service
@ 800-426-6027, (weekdays 9AM - 6PM EST/Saturday 9AM - 5PM.)
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