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Abq-Pete 04-05-2001 07:58 AM

The product description in the following link:


States very clearly that D-VHS recording requires D-VHS tapes. I was under the impression that you could use S-VHS tapes as well. Is this true? What differentiates the D-VHS tapes from S-VHS?

Thanks and regards, Peter

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gridleak 04-05-2001 10:51 AM

Yes, you can record HS D-VHS on a S-VHS tape. The machine defaults to whatever tape you put in, and displays the tape type on the front panel. You can change that to read D-VHS using a button on the front panel.

I've recorded a few movies on Fuji and TDK SVHS tapes without problem. I suspect that whatever was learned about tapes for the HD1000 will apply to the DH30000 as well. A search of the forum should bring up useful information.

- gridleak
...old but not completely grounded.

Abq-Pete 04-05-2001 04:44 PM

I'm still debating the mini-DV versus D-VHS route for recording media. So far I assme the following:

mini-DV: More expensive, 2 hour max record time, possibly fewer dropouts, more machines that support min-DV.

D-VHS: S-VHS tapes can be used, much cheaper tapes, 4 hour tapes available, possibly more dropouts, only one machine in production uses media (JVC).

Regards, Peter

gridleak 04-07-2001 02:56 PM

I doubt that dropout will be much different between DVHS and miniDV. To me the issues are: 4hr capability (get a DV recorder), size (a lot of miniDV's will fit in a drawer), tape cost (in the stores miniDV and SVHS 120 tapes are about the same cost), future compatibility (small usually wins in the end), and equipment cost (all start at about $1000).

Seems to point to DV/miniDV.

But then, JVC will offer prerecorded DVHS HD soon...

- gridleak
...old but not completely grounded.

h2ofun 04-07-2001 03:46 PM

My cut on tape costs.

I mini dv cost about 6 to 8 bucks for 1 hour. No show is one hour.

I can get s-vhs 2 hour for about 4 bucks.

After I looked at the costs, I am purchasing D-VHS. I already even have the full size DV deck but still couldnt justify the tape cost. 38 per 4.5 hour full size.


Abq-Pete 04-07-2001 05:12 PM

In order to get the 4.5 hour capability, I would have to get one of the full size decks. I think those are $2000+. I may just do that as I doubt I would be happy with swapping tapes for movies over 2 hours long. But as h2ofun states, the cost of those tapes ia quite high...

If indeed D-VHS tape quality is good enough, then a JVC might be in my future. Now if I could get one with english menus...

Regards, Peter

h2ofun 04-07-2001 05:16 PM

I dont believe the quality is any different between the bits on a S-VHS tape, D-VHS tape or Dv tape. Comes down to cost per minute of movie for me.


ROBERT HUNZEKER 04-07-2001 10:00 PM

The WV-DR5 fullsize DV deck sells in Japan for approx $725, gives you 6.75 hours per tape, about $5 per hour. If you add in the difference in price between a DR5 and the JVC, the break even point is 190 hours of recording, hopefully by then the price of the DV184 tapes will have dropped. So theres more to the equation than just cheap SVHS tapes.

Bob H.

h2ofun 04-08-2001 07:50 AM

That 6.75 hours is in LP mode. Have you seen any tapes in LP mode and do they have drop outs? I know in the DV world one never wants to use LP mode.

As for tapes dropping in price, hope you are right since I have been using for years and they havent yet dropped in price.

SO for now, even my S-VHS tapes are much cheaper. I could also dub to DV but bits are bits.


Abq-Pete 04-08-2001 03:02 PM

The Sony WV-DR5 sounds intriguing. Its price is perfect for me. Problem is that it hasn't been tested with the 169time product yet. I'd hate to be the guinea pig.

Regards, Peter

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