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Orio 04-08-2001 01:03 AM

Bring up the on-screen menu by pressing the menu button. Use the up-down arrows to choose the Display menu. Press Action to select. Use the down arrow key to move to Backdrop: Next enter the digits 728412 and wait for a few seconds (do not press the Action button) and the service menu will appear (Thanks to JMME for the information on how to enter the service menu). Scroll down to i.Link and press the right arrow button. You will now see MSB followed by 8 digits and then LSB. MSB means most significant byte and LSB means least significant byte. The eight digits are in hexadecimal and can be changed. Select the digits with the right and left arrow buttons and change them with the up and down buttons

i.Link Address 2 is 1889F852
i.Link Address 3 is 18805864

Clearly these hex numbers contain more information than just the i.Link Address, though I don’t know how what that information might be.

gridleak 04-08-2001 04:51 PM

The following is quoted from page 7 of the Panasonic Service Guide No. MTC9906034C1 for the model TU-DST51 chassis DS2.
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Configuring the Main Board ID Number
Perform this section if you have replaced the main board (A-Board). The new board requires entry of the ID number. Use scratch paper and a calculator that converts between binary, decimal and hexadecimal (hex). Perform the following to enter the ID number.

1. Determine the ID number in hex.
2. Enter the hex ID number into the main board using the main board using the remote control.

Determining the ID Number
To determine the ID number, decode the unit serial number as follows.

1. Parse the 8-digit serial number into its three fields.
2. Convert each field from decimal to binary.
3. Place the resulting binary digits into an 8x4 matrix.
4. Derive the 8-digit hex number from the binary matrix.</font>
What then follows is the detailed process of converting the decimal serial number into an 8 digit hexadecimal 1394 physical id number.

Page 9 offers instructions on entering your new id number into the Main Board memory. The process involves bringing up the service menu the the code "728412" as noted in previous posts. This is an eleven-step process. The last step carries this admonishment:
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">11. Verify that the ID# on the Channel Banner screen matches the serial number located on the rear panel label. The numbers must match to ensure correct operation of the unit. If the numbers do not match, repeat the procedure.</font>
When the DST50/51 is tuned to a new channel it throws up a banner screen that shows the unit's serial number preceded by another short code. Mine is "M10M". The example in the Service Guide is "11M".

The I-? numbers on the DH30000 are sequencial identifiers. The first i.Link device the DH30000 encounters is named "I-1", the second named "I-2", etc. The DH30000 retains these names and recognizes the device whenever it is connected. The numbers can be reset to zero with option 6/3 of the DH30000 menu.

Why do I have the feeling we are reinventing the wheel?

- gridleak
...old but not completely grounded.

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