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Orio 04-08-2001 12:07 AM

I also experienced the problems reported by others with the TU-DST51/50 tuner stopping tape playback if the two units are on and connected with the i.Link cable. The workaround that I found works with my recorder and tuner, a DST51, is as follows. With both units off, connect them together with the i.Link cable. Turn on only the DH30000 and play a tape. Either a S-VHS or D-VHS tape works on my system. Then turn on the DST51. After a few seconds the playback can be stopped. Now playback and recording can be stopped and started at will without the DST51 stopping the DH30000 after a few seconds, at least with my units.

I used the DH-30000 component video out. The video was in true 1080i format with no fuzziness, though the source was Dish Network demo channel that I would assume did not have any copy protection bits set. I observed no dropouts in the recordings I made on "converted" S-VHS tape.

gridleak 04-08-2001 05:06 PM

Does your DH30000 actually play through your DTS51 and display on the DST51's component output?

- gridleak
...old but not completely grounded.

Orio 04-08-2001 08:50 PM

No it does not play through the 51. I was getting the component output from the 30000. Thus far, I have not luck in getting the 30000 to play through the 51. I suspect that the 51 needs some command over the i.Link to tell it to output the data on the i.Link rather than from one of the antennas.

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