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Tom Armading 04-11-2001 02:51 PM

I got the Technics SA-AC500D surround sound decoder, in order to play tapes from the HD-VCR without audio dropouts. Maybe I got a bad one, but now, whenever there is a dropout the the Panny DST51, I get a noisy click in the right rear channel speaker. Has anyone else seen this, or know what might be up?


dahester 04-11-2001 03:12 PM

Be aware that the TU-DST51 is the defective device, not the surround processor. The Panasonic STB has occasional bit errors in its AC-3 bitstream. The Technics decoder merely masks these errors as small clicks. I usually hear them out of my center speaker, but all speakers can have these clicks.

The real solution to this problem will come from a playback machine without these sporadic AC-3 errors. Stay tuned to reports on the 169Time solution and also the Victor HM-DH30000 D-VHS deck. Reports are that audio plays back without error on these devices, and hence can be used with all AC-3 surround decoders.


gridleak 04-12-2001 10:26 AM

As one of the early DH30000 adopters I can offer the following anecdotal results. I played the first 30 minutes of "Stakeout" on the DH30000 and the HD1000/DST51 combo.

The DH30000 had one dropout lasting 1 second that did not repeat on a second playing.

The HD1000/DST51 combo experienced 27 dropouts, most of them lasting less than 1/2 second.

My receiver/amp is a Yamaha RXV1 (or R???).

- gridleak
...old but not completely grounded.

Tom Armading 04-12-2001 12:53 PM


I know that the dst51 is the problem, but many of the posts about the Technics 500D said that would "fix" the problem, so the dropouts would be inaudible. Hearing a click is very audible, so I wish the posters had made this point before I wasted my money (though it is very inexpensive).

My Sony EP9ES sounds much better to me, no clicks.


Tom Armading 04-12-2001 01:01 PM


That's good news about the DH30000, and I am following the posts about these units. I guess it comes down to which is better, go with the DH30000 or wait for reports on the 169time decoder mod. Do you record with the DH30000?


gridleak 04-12-2001 03:38 PM

I have recorded with the DH30000, and when done properly the results are the same as the HD1000. However, there are a few problems:

1) After a SVHS tape is inserted it is necessary change settings on the recorder to "DVHS" and "HS". It's easy to forget if you're in a hurry. I suppose the cassettes could be drilled to solve that problem.

2) Recording with the DST51 timer works, but both units have to be left on before the recording starts. After the recording is finished the DH30000 turns off but the DST51 stays on.

3) The DH30000 can't play back while connected to the DST51. It's necessary to switch to another input, unplug the iLink, or powerdown the DST51 before starting playback.

Other than that it's all a bowl of cherries. http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

- gridleak
...old but not completely grounded.

cnixon 04-12-2001 07:22 PM

Like Tom I have never heard any clicks/pops when listening to PV-HD1000/TU-DST51 digital audio output processed by my Sony EP9ES that were not present on the tuner's analog output.

Don Landis 04-13-2001 07:04 AM

Last year there was much discussion about audio dropouts in the PVHD1000 with certain receivers using certain vintage dolby decoders. The Denon5700 was one of the problem decoders. It was never determined at that time that the fault was in the DST 51 or 50 but information from Dolby and Panasonic set the blaim to the decoders in the receivers and certain compatibility issues present during that period in dolby history. The solution was always to switch to a compatible decoder and the Techniques SHAC500 became the one available solution that worked and allowed you to continue to use your favorite receiver; in my case the Denon 5700.
Unfortunately, many reports continued to pour in about these "clicks" still present in the sound, even with the SHAC500 decoder. I can only tell you that I do not get these with my system and DID get very bad dropouts before the SHAC500 insertion. It may be the DST51. I use a DST50 for what it's worth.

Don Landis
Home Theater Pics at:www.scubatech.com Last updated 3/25/01

Cheezmo 04-13-2001 05:24 PM

I also have the TU-DST50, PVHD1000 and the Technics SHAC500D (purchased to solve the dropout problem). I do not notice any "clicks" either.

Steve Martin
The Widescreen Movie Center

gridleak 04-13-2001 10:13 PM

There were no clicks during the sound test on the DH30000 described in my earlier post.

- gridleak
...old but not completely grounded.

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