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Don Landis's Avatar Don Landis 07:40 PM 04-23-2001
Have some good and interesting news from the NAB convention floor.

I saw the JVC DVHS VCR today at the JVC booth. They also have a WVHS VCR on display.

The JVC rep told me that they are about a month away from completing the negotiation with the MAPP which will open the door to allow this DVHS VCR to be sold in the USA without reprisal from the MPAA.

More intersting news was that I happened to be standing next to a gentleman from Panasonic who was really looking this VCR over. It turns out this guy was the Consumer Marketing manager for the Panasonic DVHS products. I got his Business card and e-mail. He was very interested in learning more about the market potential for HDTV DVHS in the US. I told him about this section of AVSCIENCE and invited him to lurk here and participate. He was most appreciative of the fact that I had great things to say about the PVHD1000. He told me that Panasonic may be interested in selling the PVHD1000 again and was most interested in how JVC fairs with their DH30000.

Here is a pic of the display
[img] http://www.scubatech.com/NAB2001/JVCDVHS.JPG [/img]

Some additional info pics I took at the booth:


Note: I see our forum has disabled the image UBB so just click on the above URL and it should load the picture. I will upload some others as I get them.

Don Landis
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mmburke's Avatar mmburke 08:43 PM 04-23-2001
I assume the JVC model in the photo will record HD. Do you know what the inputs and outputs are?

Don Landis's Avatar Don Landis 10:04 PM 04-23-2001
Others here on the forum know from first hand experience, the technical scoop on this DVHS VCR. I only posted to add some marketing update from JVC and Panasonic on the issue. I will be posting some more photos but I could not get a pic of the back becasuse they had it wired in for running demo. BTW- The picture looked as good as I would expect for the monitor they were using which wasn't the best.

Don Landis
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Don Landis's Avatar Don Landis 09:35 PM 04-25-2001
Today, I was able to speak to a "knowledgeable" American JVC rep. He unfortunately painted a rather dark view of the possibility of this VCR being sold in the USA. He blaimed it strictly on the MPAA's battle to fight HDTV until they can restrict viewing with controllable copy protection.
One of the main points I wanted to check out with my repeat visit was the impression I had from Monday that this VCR was not the same HDTV quality as my PVHD1000. Here's why- Upon close examination, the demo tape running on the DVHS VCR was only playing at STD speed which restricts the playback quality to SD. What was being demoed was an SD wide screen video.
It seems that only time will tell whether we will ever see this VCR in the US. If you can find a gray market DH30000, go for it. The fact that it was on display at all is encouraging, but if all JVC has the attitude this one rep had, I doubt we will ever get it into the country.

Don Landis
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davebach's Avatar davebach 11:34 PM 04-26-2001
Don, I can't speak to compare the quality of output to your PVHD1000, but I think that it looked very good in one case, and bad in another.

When I went to take a second look at it on Wednesday, I noticed that JVC had it set up in two venues... one was attached to a fairly bulbus old CRT and the second that I did not see the day before, was attached to a prototype 50 or so inch plasma display.

The picture looked great on the plasma display and was hooked up via firewire. The rep that talked me through it seemed optimistic that it would come to the US... so it seems that it really depends who you talk to.

Don Landis's Avatar Don Landis 10:51 PM 04-27-2001
Was the optimistic fellow the young one? I spoke to both and the older fellow was the pessimistic one. The video tape they had for a demo was not HD.

Don Landis
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Orio's Avatar Orio 11:46 AM 04-28-2001
JVC also showed the DH30000 at the CES show in Las Vegas this past January.
Here the 30000 was the centerpiece of their exhibit. The had it set up with a high-end front projector. The screen size was approximately 20 feet.
One of the clips they showed was made especially for them by one of the movie houses and took advantage of the full 28.2 Mbps (ATSC HDTV is 19.3 Mbps) capacity of the 30000. The picture was absolutely awesome.

One of the salesmen said JVC was working very hard on getting agreement with the movie houses that would allow introduction of the 30000 in the US. It would incorporate encryption in the MPEG-2 bitstream. The i.Link would not allow MPEG-2 input or output but only DV input from digital cameras. They expressed that point this way, "DV input (i.LINK, IEEE_1394) for direct dubbing from DV footage".

A major objective on their part is to introduce HDTV movie rentals using the D-VHS format--encrypted of course. They, at that time, had two movie houses lined up to produce them.
CKNA's Avatar CKNA 10:24 PM 04-28-2001
ATSC 19.3 Mbps spec is for OTA broadcast only.
Satellite can go up to 28.2 Mbps just like in Japan.
It is purely up to satellite broadcaster what bitrate
they are sending.

swSteve's Avatar swSteve 02:27 AM 04-29-2001
D-VHS HS mode can record 28.2 Mbps, which is more
than the 19.39 Mbps of ATSC.

But this does not mean that the Japanese system uses more data
for better pictures.

In Japan some of those extra megabits are filled with MPEG Trick Play data.

Trick Play data are used by the new Japanese D-VHS vcrs to
provide pictures while in search mode.

Trick Play data do not contribute to picture quality during normal playback.

FYI I've also posted several NAB PHOTOS, but they are very large.

Various HD exhibits are here:

Specific Photos on the DH30000 D-VHS are here:

See http://ssio.net/nab2001/tuesday/JVC_D-VHS/

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