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waters 05-24-2001 07:07 PM

I have noticed that PBS are broadcasting two HDTV operas later this year, and opera is my passion. I will be able to receive them with my Unity Motion receiver on satellite and watch them on my computer monitor. However, I don't see any way to record them for playing again later. The Unity Motion outputs are analog video, and I don't think I have ever seen anything that can re-encode this back to HDTV. If only the Unity Motion had a modulator like my Dish 5000, or if only Dish carried HD PBS.

There is no OTA PBS available here. I have been thinking of trying to buy the Panasonic tuner, DVHS recorder combination for recording the Dish 5000 output, but I don't think that helps with PBS. Any ideas anyone?

George Waters

George Waters

gridleak 05-24-2001 08:16 PM

One option is the JVC W-VHS recorder. It does a very respectable job of recording analog HD. The machine is fairly expensive (more than $3000), tapes are expensive. and sound is only hifi stereo. There might be some issues regarding interfacing properly to your source. Do a search for "WVHS" for details.

- gridleak... biased toward HD

waters 05-24-2001 08:46 PM

Thanks for the W-VHS idea. It looks as if it work, but as you say it is expensive at close to $5000. Also on one of the vendor's web sites I read
"JVC WVHS VTR Recorder
The SR-W5U WVHS format VTR Recorder is an improved analog higher bandwidth system over SVHS capable of down converting standard SMPTE 240M analog High Definition into 10 MHz of recorded bandwidth (an 1125 Line format but with a measureable horizontal resolution of approximately 550 lines)."

There is always confusion as to whether this is 550 lines across the shole width, or across a width equal to picture height. Either way, the 10 MHz BW says the resolution is not true high definition.

George Waters

gridleak 05-25-2001 02:12 AM

There's one well respected member here who has experience with the recorder and feels the PQ is comparable to DVHS. I suggest you check out his posts.

- gridleak... biased toward HD

hummer 05-29-2001 08:48 PM

Recording. . .
This sounds crazy but it works for me.
I receive video and audio signals from Direct TV, both
HDTV and others. I receive them on a DTC 100 RCA and run
the audio and video into an inexpensive VHS recorder (Sony)
From my VHS recorder I go into a DVDO line doubler into a
15 pin Vega input into my Zenith 64" HDTV. On the DTC100
receiver, I use only the left green light so I believe my
input is 480 and my output is slightly higher. I record if
desired on the VHS. When I playback, the lines I believe are doubled. Check with the technical people on this forum for details; they know a hell of a lot more than I do about them. If I don't wish to record, I simply watch what comes through. The Zenith takes this input and produces a great
picture and sound. Not HDTV or Dolby 5.1 but a great picture and excellent surround sound and at this point in
time, it certainly beats most everything by perhaps a mile.
Try it. . .you may like it until something better comes along.

Brown Trout - 18 3/4#
You should have seen the one that got away!

[This message has been edited by hummer (edited 05-29-2001).]

[This message has been edited by hummer (edited 05-29-2001).]

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