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rodmanbra 06-21-2001 09:37 PM

I am still getting interference on VHF spectrum on panny STBs. It is definately an airborne virus!! While recording HBO on satellite it affects DTC-100 VHF DT recpection in BIG way. The wiring are COMPLETELY separate and units are far away from another! Hehe. Any suggestions???

Oh yes...i forgot. One panny como does not lock on ABC. The other needs ICE packs to record without pixel breakup!

sr 06-22-2001 08:50 AM

Panasonic fixed my STB heat and pixilation problem. I received an exchange unit within a couple of days. I had to give them my charge card number as collateral. I still use an external fan to help it stay cool, but the unit works fine now.

rodmanbra 06-22-2001 12:37 PM

Lucky for you. I am never that lucky. the STB was returned with all flaws intact. As for recorder,it is in IL and i can not even get an update what is going on!!!

sr 06-23-2001 08:03 AM

I guess I was lucky. They will come through, just ask for a second exchange unit for your STB. Just be prepared to wait, what seems to be an eternity, on their 800 phone line to arrange for the exchange.

jrichards 06-23-2001 11:43 AM

Panasonic has very poor service! The Digital VCR department will not answer their extension phones and take their time returning calls (up to 2 weeks). Also they will go to any extremes on repair of DVHS units to get the cost up to where it is almost not worth fixing. If it is in warranty they will break something and say the repair is not in warranty. I have proof of this fact. They will have your DVHS unit for at least a month before they will even call you to verify repairs, if at all. I had to keep calling them just to try and find out the status. I had mine returned to me two months after I sent it in and still didn't work correctly. They charged me over $300.00 to do a warranty repair, never fixed the problem and charged me for parts they broke taking it apart.
The STB department is hard to get a hold of and take forever returning calls however you will get a exchange unit back. It sometimes takes several tries to get a good one.

rodmanbra 06-23-2001 05:36 PM


I agree 100%. The Hollywood,FL service center charged me $300 to fix an Ag-1980p and took three months!! Btw, when the unit is plugged in it bypasses the power button!

Panasonic offered me "free" repair on panny but lets examine the facts.

1) returned a tu-dst-50 with all flaws intact. Including no lock on ABC.Some "modification" was done!

2) one week later the STB will not work at all!!

3) The pv-hd1000 status unknown despite many "friendly" phone calls!

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